Faculty Senators

Members of Faculty Senate 2013 - 2014

Those who are replacing someone who did not complete their term are counted as being in the year of that person's term - see 1989 Constitution on this.

  Name                    Department Phone Email Terms            
Wei Chen Computer Science  615-963-5878  wchen@tndtate.edu Third year
Essam Hamido Human Performance and Sports Sci.  615-963-5602  ehamido@tnstate.edu Third year
David King Business Information Systems  615-963-1580  dking4@tnstate.edu Third year
Cosmas Okoro Chemistry  615-963-5332  cokoro@tnstate.edu Third year
Veronica Oates Family and Consumer Sciences  615-963-5625  voates@tnstate.edu Third year
Tina Smith Speech Pathology  615-963-7057  tsmith31@tnstate.edu Third year
Larry Snyder Occupational Therapy  615-963-5950  lsnyder@tnstate.edu Third year
Susan Speight (serves for Makonnen Lema) Agricultural Science  615-963-5183  sspeigh1@tnstate.edu Third year
Jane Asamani Teaching & Learning  615-963-5573  jasamani@tnstate.edu Second year
Chun-Da Chen Economics and Finance  615-963-7384  cchen2@tnstate.edu Second year
Deo Chimba Civic Engineering  615-963-5340  dchimba@tnstate.edu Second year
Sammy Comer Agricultural & Environmental Sciences  615-963-5820  scomer@tnstate.edu Second year
Samuel Dunson Art  615-963-2083  sdunson@tnstate.edu Second year
Bruce Gay Criminal Justice  615-963-5589  bwgay@tnstate.edu Second year
Xuemei (Sherry) Ge Library and Media Centers  615-963-5237  xge@tnstate.edu Second year
Andrea Poynter (serves for Jacqueline Lewis) Health Science  615-963-5253  asykes@tnstate.edu Second year
Amir Shirkhodaie Mechanical Engineering  615-963-5396  ashirkhodaie@tnstate.edu Second year
Artenzia Young-Seigler Biology Sciences  615-963-5753  ayoung@tnstate.edu Second year
Michael Catanzaro Languages, Literature and Philosophy  615-963-5730  mcatanzaro@tnstate.edu First year
Sean Daniels Music  615-963-2107  sdaniels6@tnstate.edu First year
John Dossett Psychology  615-963-1559  jdossett@tnstate.edu First year
Terri Gibson Speech Pathology Health Science  615-963-7095  tgibson2@tnstate.edu First year
Deirdre Jones Nursing  615-963-7613  djones58@tnstate.edu First year
John Kelly Mathematical Science  615-963-5335  jkelly8@tnstate.edu First year
John Miglietta History, Political Science, Geography and African Studies  615-963-5515  jmiglietta@tnstate.edu First year
Rebecca M. Moore Sociology, Social Work, & Urban Prefessions  615-963-7022  rmoore5@tnstate.edu First year
Lewis Laska Business  615-963-7166  llaska@tnstate.edu First year
Kushal Patel Health Science  615-963-7093  kpetal1@tnstate.edu First year
Eric Vogel Education Admin 615-963-7089 evogel@tnsate.edu First year










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