Faculty Senators

Members of Faculty Senate 2015 - 2016

Those who are replacing someone who did not complete their term are counted as being in the year of that person's term - see 1989 Constitution on this.

  Name                    Department Phone Email Terms            
Akbar, Muhammad Mechanical Engineering  615-963-5392  makbar@tnstate.edu First year
Armwood, Catherine Architectural Engineering  615-963-5416  carmwood@tnstate.edu First year
Badamdorj, Dorjsuren Mathematics  615-963-2505  dbadamdo@tnstate.edu First year
Brown, Beverly Nursing  615-963-5094  bbrown45@tnstate.edu Second year
Broyles, Thomas--Treasurer Extension Program  615-963-7885  tbroyle1@tnstate.edu
Second year
Campbell, Diane Nursing  615-963-5262  dcampbell12@tnstate.edu First year
Catanzaro, Michael--Chair LLP  615-963-5730  mcatanzaro@tnstate.edu Third year
Daniels, Sean Music  615-963-2107  sdaniels6@tnstate.edu Third year
Dossett, John Psychology  615-963-1559  jdossett@tnstate.edu Third year
Forte, Melissa Communications  615-963-5815  mrichie@tnstate.edu First year
Gibson, Terrie Speech Path  615-963-7095  tgibson2@tnstate.edu Third year
Kelly, John--Secretary Physics  615-963-5846  jkelly8@tnstate.edu Third year
Lin, Show Mei Teaching & Learning  615-963-1348  slin@tnstate.edu First year
Lukosius, Vaidas BADM  615-963-7128  vlukosius@tnstate.edu Second year
McAdory, Brenda Biology  615-963-5756  bmcadory@tnstate.edu First year
Miglietta, John--Parliamentarian Political Science  615-963-5515  jmiglietta@tnstate.edu Third year
Mirani, Mozhgan* Mathematics  615-963-5849  mmirani@tnstate.edu First year
Nobel-Britton, Pinky Nursing  615-963-5249  pnoble@tnstate.edu First year
Patel, Kushal Public Health  615-963-7093  kpatell@tnstate.edu Third year
Phambu, Nsoki Chemistry  615-963-5335  nphambu@tnstate.edu Second year
Radcliff, Joyce Library & Media Services  615-963-7383  jradcliff@tnstate.edu First year
Ray, Achintya Economics & Finance  615-963-7347  aray4@tnstate.edu First year
Rizzo, Ann-Marie** Public Administration  615-963-7250  arizzo@tnstate.edu First year
Shetty, Sachin Electrical Engineer  615-963-2160  sshetty@tnstate.edu Second year
Smith, Robert Criminal Justice  615-963-5032  rsmith9@tnstate.edu Second year
Thornton, Blair HPSS  615-963-5604  bthornt2@tnstate.edu First year
Vogel, Eric EDAD  615-963-7089  evogel@tnstate.edu Second year
Young-Seigler, Artenzia--Ex-officio Biology  615-963-5753  ayoung@tnstate.edu  
Zhou, Suping Center for Prevention Research  615-963-2146  yzhou@tnsate.edu First year

 *Jara, Patricio (alternate)

**Gibran, Joan (alternate)









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