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Phone: (615) 963-7149

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Recent Publications

Refereed Articles 

Wahid, A. (2012).  Does Financial Sector Development Increase Income Inequality? Some Econometric Evidence from Bangladesh.  Indian Economic Review.  

Wahid, A. (2011).  Financial Structure and Economic Growth Link in African Countries: A Panel Cointegration Analysis co-authored with Abdullahi Ahmed,.  Journal of Economic Studies, 38 (3).  

Wahid, A. (2011).  Inflation and Financial Sector Correlation: The Case of Bangladesh.  International Journal of Economics and Financial Issues.  

Shahbaz, M., Wahid, A., & Haider, A. (in press, 2010).  An Empirical Psychology between Wholesale Price and Consumer Price Indices: The Case of Pakistan, coauthored with M. Shahbaz anf A. Haider.  Singapore Economic Review.  

Wahid, A. & Shahbaz, M. (2010).  Does Nominal Devaluation Precede Real Devaluation?: The Case of the Philippines.  Transition Studies Review.  

Wahid, A. & Jalil, A. (2010).  Financial Development and GDP Volatility in China.  Economic Notes.  

Wahid, A. (2010).  'Growth, Inequality, and the Role of the State(s) in Modern India', Co-authored with Derek Headey,.  Indian Economic Journal, 58 (2).  

Wahid, A., Salahuddin, M., & Noman, A. (in press, 2010).  Savings Investment in South Asia: Evidence from Likelihood Ratio Based Panel Cointegration.  Journal of Economic Studies.  

Wahid, A. (2010).  'Savings-Investment Correlation and Capital Outflow: The Case of Pakistan, coauthored with M. Shahbaz and N. Ahmad, in Transition Studies Review Vol. 17.  Transition Studies Review, 17.  

Wahid, A. & Irshad, M. (in press, 2009).  A Critique of Decentralization and Participatory Approach in Delivering Clean Water: The Case of Rural India.  Indian Journal of Economics and Business.  

Gao, F. & Wahid, A. N.M. (2009).  The Baland-Robinson Theory of Child Labor Efficiency: A Proposed Extension.  American Economist.  

Wahid, A., Molla, R., & Alam, M. (2008).  A Pilot Study on the Microcredit (MC) Program of Bangladesh: Some Disturbing and Surprising Results.  The Challenge.  

Proceedings & Presentations

Wahid, A. (2010). How to publish in refereed international journals.   Tokyo, Japan, Tokyo, Unknown.

Wahid, A. (2010). Professional and personal profile of the Nobel laureates of the twentieth century.   Taiwan International Conference, Taiwan, Unknown.

2011: . Other Research Activities.  'The Effects of Fiscal and Monetary Policies on Aggregate Demand (output) in Selected Asian Economies: A VAR Panel VAR Approach,' by Mohammed Nur Hussain, University of New England, Australia 2011.

2011: . Other Research Activities.  . 'The Working Poor in Bangladesh: An Attempt at Understanding Its Nature and Causes,' by Mustafa A. Rahman, University of Western Sydney, Australia, 2011.

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