Division of Disability Services

The Office of Disability Services responsibilities include coordinating university wide services for students with documented disabilities. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Arranging for accommodations in classrooms and activities on campus
  • Helping faculty and staff to better understand physical mental and learning disabilities and provide them with effective methods of working with these students.
  • Addressing any accessibility issues that arise for the students
  • Ensuring assistive technology is available when neccessary
  • Protoring rests, providing tutoring in select courses, help students with study skills and organizational skills, books in alternative formats, and provide assistive technology when necessary.

To register for services the student must:

  • Be admitted to Tennessee State University through the admissions office
  • Provide documentation from a licensed professional
  • Complete a registration form and have an intake interview


Any student who plans to park in Handicapped Parking on campus must have a TSU Handicapped Parking Permit. To obtain this Permit you must first register with the Disabled Student Services in Room 117 of the Campus Center. To register with the DSS Office, for either a temporary or permanent Permit, you must present documentation of your disability. For a permanent permit you must bring in your state issued handicapped placard or your registration documenting your handicapped permit. For a temporary Permit a physician's statement of duration will be required. After registering with the DSS Office, the Office will prepare a memo for you to present to the Traffic Coordinator of the Campus Police who will issue the permanent Handicapped Parking Permit. The temporary Permit will be issued through the DSS Office.

The fine for parking in a Handicapped parking space without the proper permit is $200.00.




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