Welcome to the University Counseling Center

Counseling Services supports the success of undergraduate and graduate students at the University by providing high-quality behavioral health services and programs that promote the academic, emotional, psychological and social well-being of all students. 



Staff delivers services in individual and group settings. Concerns for which students may seek the assistance of the Counseling Services include but are not limited to

  • Academic or organizational skills

  • Adjustment difficulties

  • Personal decision-making

  • Advocacy for academic support

  • Mental health and emotional wellness

  • Alcohol and substance use education

  • Crisis or urgent issues

  • Assistance with medical/psychological withdrawals. 

Additionally, counseling staff is available for consultation with faculty and staff regarding student well-being and outreach presentations. Request for presentations may be made by completing the event request form.

Confidentiality . Strict adherence to professional and ethical standards are maintained and emphasized at the Tennessee State University Counseling Center.

  Training. The University Counseling Center provides educational and training opportunities to graduate students obtaining advanced degrees in counseling and related programs. Students may contact the Counseling Center to learn more about placements. 





  Counseling Session