Faculty Information

Supporting Faculty with Disabled Student Services


Disability Student Services (DSS) provides faculty the support needed to insure a productive learning environment for students. Faculty is responsible for teaching all students and maintaining the integrity of classroom activities. When students with disabilities request accommodations, the faculty member is responsible for providing the accommodation.

The information provided through this webpage provides guidelines meeting the needs of students with disabilities.

  • Guidelines for Faculty
    • Americans with Disabilities Act
    • Support for a Student with a Disability
    • Information for the Syllabus 
  • Descriptions of Disabilities and Accommodations
  • Resources
    • Accommodations for Faculty
    • TSU-sponsored Events
    • Workshops for Faculty
    • Additional Resources

Faculty serving on the Diversity Learning Community, sponsored by the Faculty Support Center, developed the information. The TSU Diversity Committee and DSS reviewed the material on this portion of the DSS website.