Secure IP Geolocation - Cloud Data

Cloud Data Transparency


Cloud computing is clearly one of today’s most enticing technologies due to  its scalable, flexible, and cost-efficient access to computing resources. However, the increased  concentration of business data and computing power scales security risks as well. One of the  recent security concerns is attributed to the lack of sufficient transparency in the operations of  the cloud provider, leading to difficulties in cloud auditing. Data owners wish to know the exact location of their data to ensure that their data is not being abused or leaked.  To provide accurate and secure location of cloud user data, we are investigate a critical network mapping and measurement (NMM) technique, Secure IP Geolocation.  We are developing a methodology based on machine learning that will determine the geolocations of the cloud nodes containing user data with higher reliability, robustness, and sensitivity than the current state-of-the art measurement-based IP geolocation techniques.  


System Model



Sachin Shetty, Keesook Han, Tamara Rogers, Hellen Maziku, and Biswajit Biswal


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