Development of Software Tools

IP Geolocation

We have developed a classifier based IP geolocation software which can accurately geolocate nodes on the Internet. The software extends an exisiting machine learning based approach by adding new features extracted from network measurements and implementing a new landmark selection policy. These enhancements allow us to mitigate problems with measurement errors and reduces average error distance in estimating location of Internet hosts. The geolocation software improves average accuracy by geolocating internet hosts 100 miles closer to the true geographic location versus prior measurement-based approaches.

For more information on this software, please visit the project webpage.

IP Geolocation Visualization

We have developed a visualization software to geolocate spammers on Google Maps. The software will provide the geographical locations of spam attackers on a Google map using our IP Geolocation software and information extracted MaxMind and WhoIS databases. The visualization software can help network analysts and other users identify patterns of spam attackers.

For more information on this software, please visit theproject webpage.

Virtual Assembly Design Systems

Virtual Assembly Design System (VADS) is a Virtual and Augmented Reality (VAR) based engineering application which allows engineers to plan, analyze, and evaluate the assembly of mechanical systems. The objective of the VADS software is to provide a VAR environment for Tennessee State University's Mechanical Engineering students to understand the assembly of the six-bar quick return mechanism. The software will help students understand the assembly and function of this mechanism, allowing them to virtually assemble and interact with the mechanism. The software system was developed using Vizard, ARToolkit, video vision goggles, and a head mounted display to overlay virtual images on real mechanical parts and overlay instructional and feedback messages on students camera view, guiding the student throughout the process.

For more information on this software, please visit the project webpage.

Network Traffic Analysis on Hadoop

Cloud computing systems generate massive amount of network traffic. Cloud auditing typically requires analysis of this massive network traffic to extract information pertaining to security and performance of cloud computing systems. To address this problem, we have developed a MapReduce program to analyze network traffic on Hadoop platform. Currently, the software allows the user to extract network traffic information from pcap files (terabytes) in a matter of minutes. The Hadoop platform is running on a 48 node cloud computing system at TSU.

For more information on the software, contact Waled Tayib at