IP Geolocation Visualization

Spam Identification and Prevention


Viruses and phishing scams, as a result of spam, are increasingly becoming numerous. Spontaneous methods used by spam attackers present a threat in spam prevention. Tools for spam identification and prevention are increasing but lack presentation fundamentals. Online databases help determine the locations of spam attackers and provide more information using the IP address. The integration of components used in this process play an important role in how users use this information. A primary concern is lack of tool to effectively analyze the information. In this research project, we develop a visualization tool to represent the geographical locations of spam attackers based on the integration of MaxMind and WhoIS databases and Google Maps. The visualization tool provides analysis and comparison features helping the user identify patterns of spam attackers and discover spam associated with an ISP in a certain region. A key component in the development of this tool is its extensible framework allowing for the addition of resources to retrieve more information about the spam attacker.

asma3  Visualization Components of Tools


  Visualizing geolocation of spam email


Filtering by the Gmail.com domain and visualizing geolocation of spam email associated with a Gmail account


Visualizing geolocation of spam email for the Gmail test account with the region with the most spam highlighted



Sachin Shetty, S.Keith Hargrove and Asmah Muallem


"Targeted Infusion Grant: Development of a Virtual and Augmented Reality Laboratory for Research and Education at Tennessee State University", NSF, 09/15/2010 - 08/31/2013,