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The Department of Computer Science has two "research analyst" position openings. The research analyst will be expected to work on ongoing Subspace Segmentation project under the supervision of Dr. Ali Sekmen. He will develop mathematical theory and algorithms for subspace segmentation. The analyst will also publish research results in refereed conferences and journals.


Tutoring Schedule



Tutoring Schedule is up. Please make sure you stop by (McCord Hall room #09) to seek a one-to-one tutoring help from one of our faculty members. The schedule.


New elective courses offered by our faculty members in Fall 2015
projector transparent background COMP 3120 C++ programming by Dr. Heh Miao
COMP 2600 Assembly Programming by Dr. Matthew Hayes
COMP 4280 Web Based Applications Development by Dr. Guifeng Shao
COMP 4440 Mobile Robotics by Dr. Erdem Erdemir
COMP 3112/3113 Introduction to Bioinformatics by Dr. Xiaofei Wang


CS students with trainingTSU Computer Science Program Filling Critical Need for IT Professionals with Advanced Training. Read more...


New!!! Study abroad 2016 opportunity
Students in Computer Science can now apply for summer 2016. Now you can Travel to Turkey for a lifetime opportunity. Read more...


graduate New Graduate Program
The TSU CS Department now offers a Master of Science degree in Computer Science.


Dyven Miles 

Meet Dyven Miles from Computer Science. The only female drum major on the Tennessee State University with the Aristocrat of Bands. Read More...


TSU Students Travel the World for Cultural Experiences, Academic Enhancements: 

Eight students from Tennessee State Study Abroad 2014 - TurkeyUniversity had the opportunity of a lifetime recently when they traveled nearly 6,000 miles and immersed themselves in a foreign culture to gain a unique perspective of the world around them. Read more...


Read about the great experience gained from this travel opportunity from one of our students, Jeremiah T. Cooper.


Jeremiah T. Cooper A CS Student is named as 2014 HBCU All-Star by White House Initiative

Congratulations to Jeremiah T. Cooper, a sophomore Computer Science major from Nashville, who has been named a 2014 HBCU All-Star by the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities, for his accomplishments in academics, leadership and civic engagement. READ more


New Grants funding
» ARO, $590,000, PI: Dr. Ali Sekmen, 2015-2018.
   Subspace Segmentation: Theory and Algorithms.
» AFRL, $450,000, Co-PI: Dr. Wei Chen, 2013-2018.
   Unfettered and Reliable Communication in Congested Spectrum Environments.
» NASA, $238,000, PI: Dr. Ali Sekmen, 2012-2014.
   Subspace Segmentation and  High-Dimensional Data Analysis.
» NSF, $297,899, PI: Dr. Ali Sekmen, 2011-2014.
   Targeted Infusion Grant: Development of an Undergraduate Bioinformatics Program for Enhancing Research and Education at Tennessee State University
» NSF, $299,872, PI: Dr. Tamara Rogers, 2011-2014.
   Targeted Infusion Grant: Vertical Integration of Concepts, Laboratory Experiences and Research Training in Cyber Security across the Undergraduate Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science


Bioinformatics Concentration bio lab transparent bg
Our department provides an undergraduate concentration in Bioinformatics. Read More

Minor in Computer Science
The TSU students will be able to select Computer Science as a minor. Read More

Summer 2013 Research
Students are supported by NSF, NASA, and AFRL to work on various projects




 Previous Java Boot Camps for our students


 jb Java Boot Camp
                   2011 Java Boot Camp                                                            2009 Java Boot Camp


 Study abroad pictures 2014

Study Abroad 2014   Study Abroad 2014  
Study abroad 2014   Study abroad 2014    
Study abroad 2014   Study Abroad 2014   
Study Abroad 2014   Study Abroad  
                                                        Study Abroad 2014  



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