Research Instrumentations

1 Apparatus for Inert Atmosphere                                          
  Glove Box
  Schlenk Line Apparatus
2   Atomic Absorption/ICP Spectrometer
  AAS, Flame, Perkin Elmer
  ICP, Optima 2100 DV Cycloni
3 Computational Chemistry
  SGI Workstation with UNIX Operating System
  Computer Lab
  T7500 Workstation with Dual Processor
  300 MHz NMR, Mercury Plus, Varian with vnmrj software
  400 MHz, Bruker (to be installed in March 2012)
5 GC
  GC, Thermal Conductivity Detector, GOW-MAC
  GC, FI Detector, HP 5900 Series II
  GC, EC Detector, Agilent Technologies
6 LC or HPLC/Chromatography System
  HPLC, UV-VIS Detector, Varian
  HPLC, PDA Detector, Varian
  Preperative HPLC, Waters
  HPLC, DAD Detector, Shimadzu
  Combi Flash Chromatography
  GC-MS, Saturn 2000, Varian
  GC-MS, Shimadzu
  LC-MS, Varian
9 Multipurpose Electrochemical Apparatus
  Electrochem Analyzer
  Measure Net (12 Station per Lab) Set
  PH Meters
   Potentiometric Titrator
10 Optical Spectrometers
  Micro plate reader, Multiskan, MCC/340 Fisher Sci
  UV-Visible Spectrophotometer with temp controller, Carey 300 
  Spectrophotometer educational, Fisher Sci 
  Spectrophotometer, Rapid Scan, Olis RSM 
  Fluoroscence Spectrophotometer, Varian 
11 Safety/Vacuum Systems
  Laminar Flow Hood, Enviro and Airclean
  Fume Hoods
12 Protein Purification, Electrophoresis, Imaging System and PCR
  Power, EC 250-90, ThermoElectron Corp
  Image Station, Kodak 440CF
  PCR, Mastercycler ep realplex
  Pro Tean IEF System
13 Radiochemistry
  Gamma Radiation Counter, COBRA II
14 Raman/IR Spectroscopy
  Raman Spectroscopy, Advantage 200A, DeltaNu
  Raman Spectroscopy, Olympus with Microscope (XPlora)
  FT-IR Spectrometer, Perkin Elmer with ATR
  FT-IR, Thermoscientific, Nicolet
15 Ultracentrifugation
  Centrifuge, high-speed, bench-top, Beckman counter
  Centrifuge, High-speed, floor-top, Beckman counter
16 Material Science
  Surface area and pore size analyzer, NOVA 2200e
17 General Use
  Fractional Collector
  Furnace, Tube, Lindberg/Blue
  Incubator, Carbon dioxide, Fisher Sci
  Incubator, Tissue Culture, Revco
  Microscope, Nikon
  Water Deionizer, Milli-Q synthesis, Millipore
  Microwave system, Discovery Labmate
  Luminometer, Glomax
  Rotavapor with Chiller
18 X-Ray Diffraction
  Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction, Rigaku
19 Elemental Analysis
  CHN Elemental Analyzer, with auto-balance, Perkin Elmer

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