Future Cheerleaders

Before the clinics and tryout

Please make sure you are committed to being a student Tennessee State University by applying for admittance. Making the squad will not ensure admittance to our university. ( www.tnstate.edu )





The Tennessee State University Cheer Program is one of the most recognizable groups on our campus. Cheering at all football games as well as all home Men's basketball, Lady Tigers basketball, and volley ball games, in addition to numerous appearances at other athletic, campus, corporate, and community events, keeps the team in the limelight on nearly a daily basis.


 General Tryout Information:

       The 2020-2021 tryouts will be conducted by video submission only .

      This tryout is for the ENTIRE season. There IS NO separate football/basketball try out.

      Video Submissions MUST be received by: 4:30 p.m. CST Friday, May 1, 2020 .

      If you are considering Tennessee State and would like to tryout for the team but have not yet been accepted, your submission must still be received by the posted deadline.



  • Must be enrolled as a full time Tennessee State University student.
  • Freshmen and Transfer students must provide a valid Student ID T# once accepted to the University.
  • Current Students must have and maintain a 2.0 GPA, have a valid Student ID T#
  • Must have had an ATHLETIC physical within the past six months and provide proof of physical before July 1, 2020. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Completed TSU Cheer Application (link below) and recent Photo (Sent in conjunction with completed application)



The main purpose of the tryout, generally held in April or May each year, is to select the best overall representatives of Tennessee State University. This factor, as well as demonstrated technical skills, aids the coaches in choosing the best all-around members for the team. Tennessee State fields a co-ed (Blue), all-girl (White) teams and NEW promotions team (male advance tumblers only).

If a participant is selected to continue via VIDEO SUBMISSION, attendance is mandatory for a late June stunt work weekend. The size of the squads selected varies each year and depends on the skill level of those in consideration.

Note: you must be a current student at Tennessee State University or have an acceptance letter with a T# from the University to be eligible to tryout.



  • Video MUST be shot in COLOR
  • No slow motion effects or instant replays
  • Be in a space appropriate for cheer (NOT in your living room)
  • Capture all demonstrated skills from beginning to end
  • If you do NOT receive a "Tryout submission received" email after 72 HOURS after submitting ALL THREE - your video, application AND photo please be sure to contact us via email (tsucheer@gmail.com ).





 Intro portion of video should be recorded close up from the waist up; no hand held selfies. This is a vocal/spoken section.

  • Name, Age & Hometown
  • Positions you would like to be considered for (Base, Back Spot, Flyer)
  • What programs have you cheer for? School/All Star- What Level?
  • What does it mean to be a Tennessee State University Cheerleader?



• 1 original Traditional style cheer that highlights cheer motions and technique.

• Cheer should include at least one elite jump.

• Other skills may be incorporated.


DANCE - (Ladies ONLY)

• 1 original dance that highlights technique and showmanship.

• Dance should be no less than 8 counts.

• DO NOT INCORPORATE other skills (jumps, tumbling, etc.) into the dance section.


JUMPS - Demonstrate one of each - ONE AT A TIME:

• Toe Touch

• Double Toe

• If Able - Jump through to skill (ex: Toe/Back)



Demonstrate YOUR level of tumbling. Do NOT attempt tumbling that is beyond your skill level that could be dangerous for you. DO NOT DEMONSTRATE TUMBLING ON A SPRING FLOOR - Dead mat, grass/turf, court, or track surfaces are allowed.



• Back/Front Walk over’s, Aerials, Standing Back handspring (series), Round Off Back handspring (series), Standing Back Tuck, any advanced passes/combination of skills - Round off tucks, layouts, full’s, etc.

• Demonstrate both standing and running tumbling. Any skills you demonstrate in your video, you will be expected to do as a member of this team.



 Demonstrate your level of flexibility. Examples: Split, Heel stretch, Bow and Arrow



Ladies:   Flyers, Bases, and Back Spots - STRONGLY consider demonstrating some proficiency at more than one position! At the collegiate level you will be used in more than one position. Our flyers fly based on ability, not size.

In addition to demonstrating in your stunt group, if you trying out for a flyer position or have done any flying in the past years, or would like to be considered as a potential flyer - demonstrate flyer positions on ground or stunting-like surface.

Flyer Positions - Heel Stretch (right and left), Arabesque, Scale, Scorpion, Bow & Arrow.

• Extension (Awesome/Cupie)

• One leg stunts - Liberty (Variations - Torch, Heel Stretch, Scorpion, Scale, Bow & Arrow, Arabesque)

• If able - One advanced stunt - In your primary position only. (ie: switch up, half/full up, tick tock, double down, etc.)

• If able - Full Twisting Cradle

• If able - Any Basket Tosses

• Be sure that you are easily distinguishable from the other participants in your group.

If you are NOT the flyer for your demonstration, your flyer needs to be compatible with your age group - high school level flyer. Children are not viable flyers for this demonstration!


Men: Co-Ed Partner Stunting - Demonstrate:

• Shoulder stand to a pop off

• Toss chair - pop off and cradle dismounts

• Walk in to hands - pop off/cradle

*More advance stunts as able - Toss hands, Toss extension/cupie/lib, etc.


Group Stunting Demonstrate:

• Base or Back Spot - Extended one leg stunt with full twist cradle



  • Singing of the Fight song and Alma mater should be sung at the end of your video. Words and music are provided below.
  • Returners please perform the routine to the Fight song and show spirit.


Fight Song:  Music and words below   https://youtu.be/utaImPaurko

I'm so glad I go to TSU,
I'm so glad I go to TSU!
I'm so-o glad,
I-I go to TSU.
Singing Glory Hallelujah, (WHOO!)
I'm so glad! 

(Band Singing) 
I'm so glad I go to TSU,
I'm so glad I go to TSU!
I'm so-o glad,
I-I go to TSU.
Singing Glory Hallelujah, (WHOO!)
I'm so glad! (again!) 

I'm so glad I go to TSU,
I'm so glad I go to TSU!
I'm so-o glad,
I-I go to TSU.
Singing Glory Hallelujah, (WHOO!)
I'm so glad! 

Alma Mater:  Music and words below    https://youtu.be/H1W0SNqBORQ

In the land of golden sunshine,
By the Cumb'rland's fertile shore.
Stands a school for greater service,
One that we adore.
Alma Mater, How we love thee,
Love thy WHITE and BLUE!
May we strive to meet thy mandates
With Faith that's TRUE! 


EXTRAS TO INCLUDE (Not to exceed 3 minutes):

• Video clips of team performances (Games, pep rallies, competition, etc.)

• Other Talents/skills: TSU Cheer needs all around performers, feel free to show us a glimpse of what else you can do.


The proper attire for the video is:

MALES: royal blue shorts and a solid white athletic shirt.

FEMALES: should wear a white bra top, royal bow and royal blue cotton style short.  

Please make sure you DO NOT wear another university, all-star, or high school clothing in your video. Absolutely no jewelry! Females hair should be half up and curled with their choice of bow.




➢ You need to present yourself in your best light, but an honest one.

➢ No fancy video editing tricks - it's not helpful.

➢ Look Good "Dress for the job you want"

➢ Do your RESEARCH on our team!

➢ Download your app before completing info.


Thank you for your interest in Tennessee State University!!!!


Follow us on our tsucheer Instagram for current updates!!! 


 Tennessee State University

Main Campus:

3500 John A. Merritt Blvd.

Nashville, TN 37209-1561

Main: www.tnstate.edu

Athletics: www.tsutigers.com


Indoor Practice Facility :

1251 Schrader lane

Nashville, TN 37209

   ***For any other questions please email Coach Dwight Pope at tsucheer@gmail.com

Download Application Packet  (save to your PC; then unzip it onto your PC)


Completed application packets are due with current head shot and video on or before deadline listed above. 

Send to:

TSU Spirit Department
PO Box 1245
3500 John Merritt Blvd.
Nashville, TN 37209-1561


tsucheer@gmail.com  or  dpope@tnstate.edu .



Please contact the Spirit Office:









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