Cooperative Education Benefits

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Cooperative Education provides tremendous benefits to both students and employers.  Students have an opportunity to explore their career path prior to graduation.  Employers can preview talented students who are applying practical academic studies in their workplace.


  • Receives on-the-job training in an environment related to academic discipline
  • Integrates work experiences with classroom instruction
  • Sharpens leadership and communication skills
  • Develops self-confidence, responsibility, and professional competence
  • Networks with experienced professionals in the field
  • Enables student to earn money to help offset the cost of college expenses
  • Develops better human relations when working with persons of diverse backgrounds and disciplines
  • Gains competitive edge in the job market
  • Improves job prospects for permanent employment following graduation


  • Establishes a mutually beneficial partnership with the university
  • Reduces or eliminates the time needed to train new graduates
  • Observes and evaluates students' on-the job-performance before the possibility of offering permanent employment
  • Maintains an expanded pool of qualified applicants who could become permanent employees
  • Reduces turnover of entry-level employees
  • Enhances workforce management by utilizing co-op students to fill temporary job openings, to efficiently manage project work or to assist with peak workload periods


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