Supply Chain Management

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In a simple Language: SCM addresses "the ways businesses coordinate to find parts and raw materials, make products (or provide services), warehouse them, and transport them to customers or retailers".


Students earn a BBA, Bachelor of Business Administration, degree with concentration in Supply Chain Management.

Supply Chain Management concentration is designed to prepare students for a career in Supply Chain, having the management and technology skills required for positions in the Supply Chain Environment. The program also provides students with an understanding of the strategic and operational nature of Supply Chain Management. 

Using on-line classes in addition to regular day and evening classes, the concentration also addresses the needs of non-traditional students.



Our BBA degree with a concentration in supply chain management (SCM) emphasizes the four important areas of:

  • Sourcing (global strategic procurement, supply contract negotiation)
  • Supply (production, quality management and service operations)
  • Delivery (logistics, demand fulfillment), and
  • E-business/information systems (critical enabler of supply chain efficiencies and responsiveness).



A unique program that combines e-Business technology with Supply Management into one concentration.

The concentration was reviewed by the nation's highly regarded 'Institute for Supply Management (ISM)', which highly recommended it to be a model throughout the US.


A number of corporate-sponsored scholarships are available for students who are supply chain management majors with strong academic and leadership backgrounds.


Graduates may be involved in Procurement Contract Negotiations and Management (national and international), Supplier Quality Evaluation, B2B Purchasing, Warehousing, ERP, Inventory Management, Transportation, Packaging and International Logistics. As a supply chain manager, the entire supply chain operation from inception to final customer distribution is involved.

Corporate Sponsored Scholarships and Internships of our Supply Chain Management students come from firms which include:

  • Boeing
  • Corning Inc.
  • Dell Inc.
  • Genco
  • HCA
  • Huntington Ingalls Industries
  • Lexmark International
  • Wal-Mart
  • REMAR, Inc.
  • GSC Consulting
  • Tractor Supply Company
  • Cummins Filtration


Program Brochure (pdf)

Annual SCM Summit (hosted by TSU)


"I owe my success to the intensity of the training I received from Tennessee State University."  ---

NASHVILLE (TSU News Service) – At age 24, Tyler Ratcliff is making headway in corporate America.  In two short years, her training in supply chain management has landed her opportunities at two major U.S. companies.

The Dallas, Texas native, a 2010 graduate of Tennessee State University, is a customer relationship management consultant at SAP America, the market leader in enterprise application software. She took the position six months ago after leaving Lockheed Martin (in a downsizing move), where she worked for more than a year as a contract negotiator in international sales.

In an economy where careers are suffering and the job market seems so tight, Ratcliff has been able to navigate her way and stay employed in her chosen field.

“I owe my success to the intensity of the training I received from Tennessee State University, and the nurturing of my professors and administrators of the Supply Chain Management program,” she said. “TSU’s supply chain program is no joke.  They (the professors) do a very good job of preparing you for the real world.”

Ratcliff is not alone in being able to navigate the tough job market. TSU’s supply chain graduates are making great inroads, said Lisa Smith, director of the Supply Chain Program in the College of Business. “At the end of 2011, all nine of our December graduates except one were employed by January 2012,” she said. “Half of them already had employment offers by graduation.”













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