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General Education Assessment Committee

The charge of the General Education Assessment Committee is to (1) develop an assessment plan for the general education program, including a timeline, and to implement the assessment plan in 2010/2011 and (2) review and recommend courses to be included in the general education curriculum, consistent with TBR requirements. The current members of the committee are:

Dr. Joel Dark, Chair
Ms. Wanda Burrell
Dr. Satinderpaul Devgan
Dr. Joan Gibran
Dr. Keisha Kelly
Dr. Margaret Machara
Dr. Nelson Modeste
Dr. Antoinette Rawls
Dr. Jeffrey Thompson
Dr. Ken Looney (Staff Support)

Curriculum Proposals

A proposal to include a course in the General Education Core comprises: (1) a proposal form (see below) indicating the General Education Outcomes met by the course, and (2) a course syllabus documenting the means by which these outcomes are achieved and assessed. (Syllabi for courses in the College of Arts and Sciences should include the College's minimum syllabus elements.) Proposals to include a course in the General Education Core must be approved by the appropriate department head and dean and submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs. The General Education Committee reviews proposals submitted by the colleges and schools of the University during September and October of each year.

Proposal forms for each General Education category can be downloaded from this site by following the links below. The forms are published in Microsoft Word format and can be opened, completed, and saved using this program. You may also download forms without opening them by using the right button of the mouse.

Humanities and/or Fine Arts
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Natural Sciences

Recommendation Form
(to be completed by the General Education Committee)

TBR General Education Website

The TBR General Education Website lists general education courses approved for each TBR institution.

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