University Honors College

"Maintaining Our Legacy of Excellence"


The University Honors College (UHC) provides an especially rich and challenging set of academic offerings to talented and highly motivated students at Tennessee State University. Through special courses, a vigorous intellectual community, and emphasis on undergraduate research, the Honors college enables students to reach heights of excellence!

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Honors College Admission Requirements
Entering freshmen must have a high school cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.4 or higher, with an ACT score of 25 or a SAT score of 1220 (the sum of critical reading and math). Transfer or current freshman and sophomore students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or higher. Interested students must complete an Application for Admission to the UHC.

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The Honors College Curriculum offers a wide range of challenging courses. We offer special seminars and courses that engage students in direct involvement with faculty from freshman to senior years. Students entering their freshman year are expected to elect 24 hours of their course work in Honors. A minimum of 18 hours of Honors course work is required for incoming sophomores; many do more.

To help students take the greatest advantage of the rich opportunities at TSU, our Honors advisers meet with them individually, beginning at Orientation and continuing throughout their college career.


Honors staff work hard to create a culture of community for students enrolled in the Honors College. Activities are planned throughout the year to help students form healthy relationships with their peers, as well as staff and faculty. Honors students  and staff often come together for study, conversation, advisement, professional development, and casual, social activities. It is our desire to create an atmosphere conducive to the development of a well-rounded student, while keeping the focus on academics.


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Honors College students are eligible to live in Hale Hall, a co-ed facility that is equipped with an an on-site laundry room,  barber/beauty salon, cable TV and Wi-Fi, and computer lab. Residents also enjoy a state-of-the-art lounge area for small study groups and recreational use. Honors General Body Meetings are also held there once a semester.