WRITE Program

Enhancing Education at TSU.

The University is now accepting preliminary applications
from undergraduate degree programs
for participation in the
upper-level component of WRITE.

WRITE program

WRITE Application Process

To apply for designation as a WRITE major program, the department head should submit a letter of intent (approximately two or three pages) to the QEP Development Committee by March 31, 2010.

Departments housing more than one undergraduate major should submit separate letters for each degree program intending to participate.

Letters of intent should include a description of:

(1) the role of writing in the official learning outcomes for the program;
(2) the current teaching of writing in the program (philosophy and best practices);
(3) the program's proposed WRITE curriculum (typically three or four courses, including gateway courses and the capstone); and
(4) specific goals for the program's participation in WRITE.

Letters should be addressed to:

Dr. Joel Dark
QEP Development Committee Chair
Department of History, Geography, and Political Science

The QEP Development Committee will work with interested programs to prepare a full application to the Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs by April 30, 2010.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

WRITE -- TSU's Quality Enhancement Plan

The QEP Development Committee

Dr. Joel Dark                 
Dr. Jane Asamani          
 Faculty Senate
Ms. Cheryl Bates-Lee     
 University Relations & Development
Dr. Mohammad Bodruzzaman
 Engineering, Technology & Computer Science
Dr. Pamela Burch-Sims  
 Quality, Effectiveness & Assessment
Dr. Chun-da Chen
 Economics & Finance
Dr. Rebecca Dixon        
 General Education Faculty
Dr. Dennis Gendron       
 Communication & Information Technology
Dr. William Gittens         
 Student Affairs
Dr. Sandria Godwin
 Agriculture & Consumer Sciences
Dr,. Johnanna L. Grimes
 Writing Center
Dr. Rosemary Jeffries   
 Title III
Mr. Gary-Lee Lewis        
 Health Sciences
Dr. Oscar Miller
 Arts & Sciences
Mr. Fletcher Moon         
 Libraries & Media Centers
Dr. Samantha Morgan-Curtis
 General Education Faculty
Dr. Susan Levy
Dr. Yancey Padget        
Dr. John Robinson        
 General Education Faculty
Dr. Mary Shelton
Dr. Jennifer Stewart-Wright      
 Research & Sponsored Programs
Dr. Minzi Su     
 Public Service & Urban Affairs
Mr. Bradley White          
 Business & Finance
Mr. Walter Williams        
 Academic Enrichment, Advisement & Orientation




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