Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in Psychology Club?

Everyone. It is open to anyone who is interested in psychology. Some Psychology Club members eventually join Psi Chi International Honor Society in Psychology, and some don't. Psychology Club and Psi Chi meet together as one organization for all activities. Anyone can be an officer.

Who can participate in Psi Chi International Honor Society?

Psi Chi is an academic honor society. Qualified applicants pay a one-time fee of $45 to be inducted into the Society. They receive a research/news journal for students, and they may choose to wear honor sashes or cords at graduation.

Can service or attendance be required for membership?

Chapters may NOT require and service or attendance requirements for membership eligibility standards. Eligibility for Psi Chi membership is based strictly on scholastic standards.

Do undergraduate applicants to Psi Chi have to be psychology majors?

Applicants must either major or minor in psychology or in a field that is psychological in nature, for example:

  • Psychology major with ANY minor (or no minor)
  • Social work major with ANY minor (or no minor)
  • Any major, with a minor in psychology.

Do graduate applicants have to be enrolled in psychology programs?


Can students apply after graduating?


How early can students apply?

Undergraduates must be second semester sophomores with at least 9 credit hours in psychology. Graduate students must have completed one semester at TSU.

What Grade Point Average is required?


Is that the GPA required for ALL courses or for just psychology courses?

Both GPAs must be at least 3.00.

  • Your GPA for all courses is the "Earned Hours" GPA printed near the end of your transcript.
  • Your GPA for psychology courses is something you figure out:
    1. Give yourself 4 points for each A, 3 for each B, 2 for each C, and 1 for each D.
    2. Multiply each grade score by 3, for 3 credit hours (so A is 12 points; B is 9 points, etc.). For Orientation and the 4110 lab, just multiply by 1.
    3. Add up all the points you got in step 2.
    4. Divide the total you got in step 3 by the number of hours you've earned in psychology courses.

Do applicants' Grade Point Averages have to be exactly 3.00 and up, or can they be rounded up?

Psi Chi membership requirements state that both undergraduate and graduate applicants must have a 3.00 GPA. That means that we round to two decimal places:

  • 3.00 qualifies
  • 2.995 rounds up to 3.00, so it qualifies
  • 2.994 rounds down to 2.99, so it does not qualify

Do students ever reapply after bringing up their grades?

Yes! That's why inductions are held twice a year, in October and February.

Is There a Deadline for Submitting New Members?

There is no deadline for submitting new members to the Central Office. New members can be inducted at any time. Chapters set all deadlines locally for applications and inductions.

Who is invited to Induction ceremonies?

All Psi Chi and Psychology Club members, the inductees, and the inductees' family members and friends. TSU inductions last 60-90 minutes. That includes lunch, a very short formal ceremony, and a time for talking about our dreams and the people who encouraged us.

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