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Abstract submissions for the 6th National Small Farm Conference are closed.

The 6th National Small Farm Conference Program has four  categories of presentations:

Oral Papers. Present a paper reporting the results of education/outreach activities, research or lessons learned from professional experience. Oral presentations are opportunities to share successes of programming efforts in assisting small farmers and ranchers. These presentations will take place in concurrent sessions. Each presentation will last 20 minutes (15 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for questions). Please submit no more than three proposals per author. To the extent possible, submissions not selected for oral presentations will be reviewed for poster presentations.

Poster Papers. Present a poster reporting the results of education/outreach activities, research or lessons learned from professional experience. Posters will be displayed in the Exhibit Hall on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and presenters will be available to answer questions and explain their experiences and results to conference attendees at set times during the conference. Poster boards will be provided and the dimensions will be four-feet high by eight feet wide (4'x8').

Exhibits. Exhibits provide a venue for national, state, and local small farm program managers from land-grant colleges and universities, community based organizations, and other public and private sector organizations to share information about programs and services for small farmers and ranchers. Exhibitors will be provided with an 8’ x 10’ fully draped exhibit space, one 6 ft. table, two chairs, and a sign. The name of your organization, all contact information and your abstract will be listed in the conference proceedings. Pictures from 5th National Small Farm Conference.

Success Stories. “Making A Difference” These stories should center on work you have undertaken working with small farmers,
beginning farmers, socially disadvantaged farmers, immigrant farmers, farm workers, limited resource farmers and others with
vested interest in improving their livelihood through farming as an enterprise. Please share stories which have resulted from
activities that stand out (impacts) in working with your clients and have ultimately resulted in making a difference to their
livelihood and lifestyle changes. Examples might include efforts where assistance has been provided in “Working from Rags to
Riches” or “Assisting a Farmer or Farmers in reducing delinquency rates”.  Here are sample success stories from USDA Small Farms, Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Coordinator's Collections 2006 - 2008 and  Ideas and stories.

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