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Proposal Registration and Review


Purpose of Form

The RSP Proposal Registration and Review Form is a required tool for a grant proposal to be submitted on-time to an external funding agency or entity.  The form is due for each and every grant proposal.  The form provides RSP with the internal information necessary to effectively coordinate and plan such timely submission of the many proposals that are sent to RSP from across the university. The goal of the RSP Proposal Registration and Review Form is thus to inform the RSP office with a formal “heads-up”, far in advance, about the intention of the TSU researcher to seek external funding.  The form serves to alert or reserve the RSP resources that are necessary to help both the researcher and RSP engage in sufficient discussion and deliberation in order to check, review, and troubleshoot each unique proposal for accuracy, compliance, and propriety before the approved proposal can be timely submitted to an external funder.  To ensure such planning and coordination for an on-time grant submission, the properly completed RSP Proposal Registration and Review Form must be submitted to RSP at the same time that the PI starts initial work on a grant proposal, or at least 30 days before the proposal deadline , whichever period is the earliest possible date before the submission deadline established by the external funder.  


Proposal Process Step 1 - Registration

RSP requests that all Principal Investigators or Project Directors provide notification of intent to submit a proposal far in advance of the submission deadline by providing the following data:

  1. PI/PD Information (for one PI/PD)
  2. Submitting College/Unit and Department/Sub-unit
  3. Funding Agency
  4. Funding Opportunity Number
  5. Type of Application (New, Re-submission, Renewal, Continuation, Revision)
  6. Indication of proposal for TSU as Sub-Awardee 
  7. Submission Deadline
  8. Portal or Means of submission (e.g. -, NSF Fastlane, E-mail, Hand or Postal/Courier Delivery)
  9. Compliance issues (e.g. - Human Subjects, Hazardous Materials, Conflict-of-Interest)



  1. Click here to access the Intent to Submit a Proposal (ISP) page or navigate via your web browser to and enter basic proposal data as soon as possible.
  2. Complete a Proposal Registration and Review Form for your submission to RSP at least 30 days before the proposal deadline.


Proposal Process Step 2 - Review

Each proposal will be reviewed for grant, budget, and contract compliance on a case-by-case basis. In the rare event that two or more Individuals or teams are submitting proposals for the same funding opportunity, RSP will start a collaborative process to choose which proposal will be submitted to the external funder.  RSP will start by requesting written documentation from each PI or PI team on how each proposal aligns with the following three (3) institutional areas: 1. The University Mission, 2. The Five Key Performance Indicators of (A) Access and Diversity, (B) Academic Quality and Student Success, (C) Business Friendly Practices, (D) Revenue Generation,  Research, and Resourcefulness, and (E) Engagement, and (3) The Unit’s Student Learning Outcomes and/or Performance Outcomes as documented in the Compliance Assist database. RSP will request a narrative and budget to be evaluated both by the RSP Staff and by an ad hoc committee of subject-matter experts from representative departments in order to determine which sole proposal will be submitted on behalf of Tennessee State University. 


Explanation of Data Requested by Form
Date of Application : Enter date that form is submitted to RSP.
Deadline date : Enter date that proposal must be submitted to the external funder.
College/School/Center : Enter academic or administrative unit of the PI.
Department : Enter academic or administrative department of the PI.
Principal Investigator (PI) Enter name of Principal Investigator (PI) or Project Director (PD).
TSU T# Enter TSU employee identification number of PI which begins with “T”.
Phone :  Enter work telephone number, and mobile telephone number, for PI.
E-mail : Enter work email for PI.
Title of Project : Enter title of proposal, or the project that proposal is based on, as such title will appear on the  proposal for external funding.
Submission Type Check appropriate category, as provided.
Project Type : Check appropriate category, as provided.
Funding Opportunity No : Enter the funding identification number provided by the funding agency.
Funding Agency Enter the name of the funding government agency or private entity.
Agency Type : Check appropriate category, as provided.
Agency Contact  Enter contact data, as stated.
Project Time Period : Enter period that research or other work must be performed under terms of the funding announcement.
Indirect Cost rate Used (F&A) : Enter specific F&A, or indirect cost, rate - as approved by the University and its cognizant agency (DHHS) - which was used by the PI for the proposal, based on the specific elements of the proposal as variable or relevant to such approved indirect cost rate.
Source of Funds Enter budget data from the proposal for each incremental year of funding, for  Total Amount Requested  and for the  Indirect Costs Requested  portion of such total amount requested from funder by PI.
Matching Funds Required State whether the external funder is requiring the University to produce or secure matching funds, or duplicate and additional funding from a separate source, as a condition for the PI being duly considered for the award by said funder.
Approvals Signature by PI/PD and by department chairs, deans, and directors that each such signatory is making, asserting, and certifying the specific and affirmative statement(s) to the University and its stakeholders and regulators, as stated verbatim on the form.


Click here to access the Proposal Registration and Review Form (formerly known as Proposal Routing Form).






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