Helpful Guidelines

Information for Event Planning


A list of preferred purveyors of equipment and technical support will be supplied to the client.


Tennessee State University has its own professionally trained police force. Security measures for each client will be arranged as deemed appropriate through the Office of Security.


Parking may be provided to the program attendees as possible. Parking needs for each function will be arranged through the Office of Security and Conferences & Special Events.

Transportation/Shuttle Service

Transportation and shuttle arrangements can be made with University and commercial charter companies to service program attendees between airport arrival, hotel and campus venues.


Tennessee State University maintains a Smoke Free policy in all buildings.

Child Care

Child Care can be arranged for both campus locations.

Logistical Arrangements

Seating capacity, furniture set-up and special services regarding contracted meeting rooms will be arranged through the Office of Conferences & Special Events.


Laboratories for educational training are available in the areas of Chemistry, Physics, and Technology. Technicians will be provided for each laboratory. Laboratory use is scheduled through the Office of Conferences & Special Events. Special research projects may need to be coordinated with the Office of Sponsored Research.

Food Service

All food, beverage, and/or refreshment requests must be arranged through Campus Food Service. No preparation of foods or beverages will be permitted to take place on the premises. Food function arrangements must be made two (2) weeks prior to activity date. Guarantees for all food functions are required 48 hours prior to activity date. For functions scheduled on Sunday or Monday, the guarantee must be received by 10:00 AM on the preceding Friday. The Campus Food Service will prepare extra covers as a percentage of the guarantee. In the event a guarantee is not received, the original estimated attendance count will be prepared and billed. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on university premises.


The cancellation date of an event will be determined by the cancellation date on contracts the university enters into with external vendors to provide complete service for an event. These dates will be taken into consideration in negotiating the contract with the University. Any costs incurred due to late cancellation by the client will be billed to client for payment directly to external vendor and the University.

Shipping Procedures

All packages sent to the University for an event should be sent prepaid. C. O. D. packages will be refused. Campus Post Office will notify the Office of Conferences & Special Events of receipt of packages which will be transferred to the event site. Special arrangements will need to be made for receipt of large quantities of material. Shipment of material upon completion of the conference/event is the responsibility of the attendee.


Policy relating to display material will be determined between the University and the client. Liability of client will be covered in final contract.

Policy/Procedure Guide

** All requests to use campus facilities must be submitted to the Office of Conferences & Special Events.

** Individuals or groups who desire to use campus facilities must submit a written request to the Office of Conferences & Special Events. The request must detail the nature of the organization, the event to be housed, date, times, anticipated attendance and logistical arrangements requested.

** The Office of Conferences & Special Events will facilitate with the client all needed services (food service, maintenance, technical assistance, etc.) and will be responsible for monitoring the successful completion of all such arrangements.

** The Office of Conferences & Special events will be responsible for collecting all necessary information to insure correct billing and transfer of payments to appropriate campus offices.

** Requests from organizations, individuals or groups that have previously created maintenance problems or whose negligence has resulted in damage to facilities, or who have been negligent in honoring invoices will be denied.

** Organizations and individuals desiring to use University facilities must comply with the policies of the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) and assure the President that the use of such facilities will not create potential violence, damage, disruption of order, nor be used for promotion of vested political or religious doctrine or ideology, or interfere with campus decorum or impinge upon the University's role, scope, mission, and stated policies. The President, acting for the TBR and subject to TBR ratification, shall have the right to refuse the use of University facilities to any organization or individual if he/she deems it in the best interest of the University.


The University has been the host site for the following types of events:

  • Cultural Presentations Festivals
  • Presidential Visits and Programs Musical and Dance Concerts
  • Circuses Pageants
  • Trade/Professional/Civic Picnics
  • Organizational Meetings, Parades
  • Exhibits and Conferences
  • Commencements
  • Convocations Rallies
  • Sport/Athletic Competitions University
  • Research and Academic
  • University and High School Competitions
  • Conferences




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