TSU Style and Branding Guide

For Your Departmental Publications

TSU Style & Branding Guide

Style and Branding Guide

Are you wondering what the guidelines are for:

  • business cards,
  • publications,
  • logo creation & use?

If so, take a look inside our official style guide:

Style and Branding Guide


Protecting the TSU Brand

This guide will help the university develop effective marketing materials, bring value and awareness to who we are and what we do, and increase our visibility in reaching a diverse constituency.

It is a first step in providing tangible guidelines to help strengthen and bring consistency and uniformity to our brand. Make no mistake, each and every one of us must do our part in delivering on our brand promise. That promise is ultimately what our constituency will remember, and what will set Tennessee State University apart from the competition.

We expect all divisions, offices, departments and units to comply with this guide, as we believe it will be a valuable tool in helping to not only better market our products and services, but provide a consistent look, feel and experience that uniquely reflects the Tennessee State University brand.

Why the TSU Brand is Important

Our charge is to ask ourselves:

“Who are we, who do we want to be, and what can we unequivocally deliver on?”

Whether you are:

  • creating a publication,
  • engaging alumni,
  • building community partnerships,
  • advertising,
  • raising money
  • or recruiting potential students,

all of these activities are part of our brand. Don’t think of a brand as simply a logo, tagline or colors — it is much more than that. Our brand is who we are, it’s what defines us and what our key constituency think, feel and experience when they hear or see our name, image or slogan. Our brand, our promise, is the feeling and reaction people have toward us. It’s how we build our relationships, recognition, reputation and standards.

Let's all do our part in unifying our branded image!