How To Submit Your IRB


Step 1:  You MUST complete the on-line CITI Training.  There is no cost to TSU students and faculty. Here is the link:  https ://  Make sure you save your certificate on your computer and print a copy.  You must attach a copy of the training certificate to all IRB applications.


Step 2: You'll need to determine whether to submit an EXEMPT or a non-EXEMPT application.  See the checklist below to help you determine the type of review for your application. You'll need to have a clear understanding of the research activities and population involved before making this decision.  If you're still not sure after completing the checklists, please contact IRB Administration at or call 615-963-7619. 

          Checklist - Determination of Exemption from IRB Review
          Checklist - Determination of Expedited IRB Review Informed Consent Document


Step 3:  Complete the IRB Application and Packet.  The Application Packet may be submitted electronically (preferred) or as a hardcopy.  All instruments used to collect data, including list of interview questions and the actual surveys, should be included in the IRB Application Packet along with your training certificate.  Letters of Cooperation and Letters of Permission should be typed on institutional letterhead.  If your research involves collecting data at another institution or in partnership with another institution, you should include documentation. 


Step 4:  Submit the packet. Your IRB Application Packet, when finished, should include one copy of the following:

The electronic packet should be forwarded to or may be delivered to the Research and Sponsored Programs Building, Suite 1A.  Edits to an application should be sent electronically to

IRB Approval only last for one year.  If you need to extend the project for an additional year, you'll need to submit an IRB Amendment Form and indicate that you need to extend the IRB Approval for one more year.