Conditional Admission

Conditional Admission into a Master's Degree program may be granted temporarily by the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research upon the recommendation of the graduate program/department. Continuation in the program as a degree-seeking student is contingent upon fulfilling specific requirements stipulated in the conditional admission letter. The following are the circumstances in which conditional admission may be granted -some programs do not grant conditional admission:

  • Those who have a limited number of deficiencies in undergraduate course prerequisites. These deficiencies must be removed before enrollment in graduate courses of the same series.
  • Graduates of accredited colleges who have not taken the Graduate Record Examination, Miller Analogies Test, or other entrance test before admission. Applicants admitted to degree programs must take the GRE, MAT, or GMAT, etc. during the first semester of enrollment in Courses for graduate credit.
  • Graduates of recognized four-year colleges not accredited when the bachelor's degree was awarded. Such applicants must:

1. present a record of superior scholarship on the undergraduate level;

2. present unqualified recommendations from their undergraduate advisors;

3. submit an official report of performance on the GRE, MAT or the GMAT or other required test.

  • Students who present a quality point average below 2.5 must at the time of application submit GRE or MAT scores which qualify them for admission (see departmental sections for specific score requirements). After admission, those students are required to take nine (9) semester hours of course work specified by the graduate coordinator of the programmatic major field. If a 3.00 quality point average is attained, the student is permitted to petition for a change of classification.

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