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Applying for Graduation

apply for graduation @ TSU

Applying for Graduation for School of Graduate and Professional Studies Students

 This is required for all students who are eligible to graduate. (Click here  for other important deadline dates)

Notice: If you will not be completed with degree requirements, do not apply for graduation. Your application will be removed, you will be ineligible to participate in the commencement, and you will be required to re-file for graduation at the time your degree is complete.

Note :
       Deadline for Spring  is March 15, 2018

Instructions for Applying for Graduation

1- Log into MyTSU
2- Click Banner Services Tab
3- Click the “Student” link
4- Click the “Student Records” link
5- Click “Apply to Graduate” link
6- Select the most recent term and Submit your most recent curriculum should be listed.  If this is the correct curriculum, select it and click continue.  If it is not, please contact rwhitworth@tnstate.edu.  It is extremely important that it is correct.

Select the term in which you are applying to Graduate (only available terms are listed)

Your name as it is listed in Banner, is what will appear on your diploma

Indicate the address where you would like your diploma mailed

CAREFULLY REVIEW   the summary page, then if everything is correct, print the page, submit it.  Submitting the Graduation Application with the incorrect information may delay the accurate awarding of your degree.