Previous/Current Courses

Here is a list of different courses I taught at some institutes......


Spring 2015
Discrete Mathematics                                    COMP 3200
Software Engineering                                    COMP 3300
Introduction to Bioinformatics Computing         COMP 4820
Bioinformatics/Computational Biology              COMP 6100

Fall 2014
Computer Programming II                             COMP 2240
Discrete Mathematics                                    COMP 3200
Software Engineering                                    COMP 4300
Introduction to Bioinformatics                         COMP 5800

Spring 2014
Introduction to Bioinformatics Computing         COMP 4820
Introduction to Computing                              COMP 1210

Fall 2013
Discrete Mathematics                                    COMP 3200
Introduction to Computing                              COMP 1210

COURSES @ other institutes
Linux Administration                                    @ ECPI University
C Programming Language                            @ ECPI University
Introduction to Computer Science                 @ TNCC
Problem Solving using C++                          @ ODU








 For students of current semester, the material of courses can be found at myTSU.





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