ERI-Research Projects 2010-2011


A total of eighteen (18) faculty from the CoETCS are participating in sixteen (16) funded research projects with operating budget of about $2 million per year.

1. Naval Engineering Education Center (NEEC) - Dr. S. Keith Hargrove, NAVSEA-Navy (2010-2016)

2. Interactive and Collaborative Learning Environment using Virtual Reality Games Promoting Metacognition for Science and  Engineering Design in Context – Dr. Sachin Shetty, NSF (CI Team Grant), (2010-2013)

3. Empowering Students with Engineering Literacy and Systematic Problem Solving Through Interactive and Cost-Effective Games, Dr. Sachin Shetty, NSF (IEECI Grant),( 2009-2012)

4. Development of Virtual and Augmented Reality laboratory for Research and Education at TSU- Dr. S. Keith. Hargrove, NSF (Target Infusion Grant) (2010-2013)

5. Rising Stars-Dr. S. Keith Hargrove-Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR), (2010-2013)

6. Control of Networked Multi-Agent Decision Systems- Dr. Lee Keel, NSF, (2005-2011), S999, 255

7. Measurement Based, Model Free Fixed Order Control Synthesis for Multiple Performance Criteria- Dr. Lee Keel, ARO, (2208-2012)

8. Multivariable Fixed Order Controller Synthesis and Design from Data- Dr. Lee Keel, NSF, (2009-2012)

9. Sensors Thrust Research- Dr. Mohan Malkani, AFRL (2007-present)

10. Center for Seat Comfort Design- Dr. L. Onyebueke, Boeing (2009-present)

11. Prepare Minority Scholars to Protect the Nation’s Critical Infrastructure and Key Assets through an Integrative Education, Research and Professional Development at Tennessee State University- Dr. Sachin Shetty, Department of Homeland Security, (2011-2016)

12. Intelligent Automated Visual Inspection System with Cognitive Reasoning and Decision Making-Dr. Shirkhodaie, Rolls Royce (2009-2012)

13. Network-Base Hard/Soft Fusion- Dr. Shirkhodaie-MURI (ARO) 2009-2012

14. Signal Processing and Decision Fusion Methods for Structural Health Monitoring- Dr. Zein-Sabatto—AFRL (2010-2013)

15. Distributed Control Methodology for Real-Time Decision-Making and control of Turbine Engines—Dr. Zein-Sabatto, AFRL (2009-2012)

16. Safety effectiveness Evaluation of the Cable rail System in Tennessee – Dr. Deo Chimba, TDOT (2011-2013)

17. Statewide Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety Analysis and Safety Investment Policy –Dr. Deo Chimba. TDOT(2011-2013)

18. Statistical Assessment of the Impact of Disabled and Abandoned Vehicle Incidents on Tennessee Highways –Dr. Deo Chimba, TDOT (2011-2013) 

19. Infusion of Biometrics in ECE curriciulum”, Sachin Shetty, NSF Grant 2011-2015

20. "Research Initiation Grant: Secure Measurement-Based IP Geolocation for Cloud Auditing", Sachin Shetty, NSF Grant 2011-2013

21. 2011 DHS Scientific Leadership Award, "Network Measurement and Mapping",  Sachin Shetty, DHS Grant, 2011-2016

22. "Targeted Infusion Grant: Cyber Security Education and Research Training for ECE and CS programs” , Tamara Rogers, NSF Grant, 2011-2014

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