Faculty Listing

Economics & Finance Department


Dr. Nelson Modeste, Ph.D.  (University of Florida), Professor
Office: AWC-J405; Phone: 615.963.7387; Email:  nmodeste@tnstate.edu

Dr. Soumendra Ghosh, Ph.D. (Utah State University), Professor and Chairman
Office: AWC-K417; Phone: 615.963.7172; Email: sghosh@tnstate.edu

Dr. Melvin N. Johnson, D.B.A. (Indiana University), Past President and Professor
Office: AWC-J404; Phone: 615.963.7218; Email: mnj@tnstate.edu

Dr. Dharmendra Dhakal, Ph.D. (Southern Illinois University), Professor
Office: AWC-K418; Phone: 615.963.7345; Email: ddhakal@tnstate.edu

Dr. Abu Wahid, Ph.D. (University of Manitoba), Professor and Editor of the Journal of Developing Areas
Office: AWC-I405; Phone: 615.963.7149; Email: awahid@tnstate.edu

Dr. Achintya Ray, Ph.D. (Vanderbilt University), Associate Professor
Office: AWC-J401; Phone: 615.963.7347; Email: aray4@tnstate.edu
Personal Website (link: http://http://www.aray.cc)

Ms. C. Brown, B.B.A. (Tennessee State University), Administrative Assistant
Office: H415; Phone: 615.963.7145; Email: cabrown@tnstate.edu

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