Descriptions of Disabilities and Accommodations

Services Offered & Application

The Office of Disability Services responsibilities include coordinating university wide services for students with documented disabilities.  These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Arranging for accommodations in classrooms and activities on campus
  • Helping faculty and staff to better understand physical mental and learning disabilities and provide them with effective methods of working with these students
  • Addressing any accessibility issues that arise for the students
  • Insuring assistive technology is available when necessary
  • Proctoring tests, providing tutoring in select courses, help students with study skills and organizational skills
  • Provide books in alternative formats, and provide assistive technology when necessary

To register for services the student must:

  • Be admitted to TSU through the Admissions Office
  • Provide documentation from a licensed professional
  • Complete a registration form and have an intake interview





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