Descriptions of Disabilities and Accommodations

Services Offered & Registration Requirements

The Office of Disability Services responsibilities include coordinating university-wide services for students with documented disabilities.  These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Arranging for accommodations in classrooms and activities on campus.        
  • Provide training/workshops for faculty and staff to better understand the various types of issues students may encounter due to their impairment(s).        
  • Addressing any accessibility issues that arise for the students.       
  • Ensuring the Testing Center is available for proctoring test when necessary. 
  • Provide resources such as tutoring in select courses, studying and organizational skills, books in alternative formats, and provide assistive technology when necessary.                           

    To register for services the student must: 

    • Be admitted to Tennessee State University through the admissions office                                                          
    • Complete the Registration Form
    • Submit documentation from a licensed medical professional                           
    • Meet with the ODS staff for an intake interview                           
    • Student must provide their course schedule for each semester (ODS will notify instructors of your approved accommodations via email)

Under  TSU Procedure No. 6.6.1 , it is the expressed policy of the University that discrimination or harassment based upon a disability is prohibited. If an applicant for employment, employee, student, or applicant for admission believes s/he has been discriminated against or harassed because they have a disability, they should contact the Office of Equity and Inclusion (OEI) at 615-963-7435 or visit our office in the McWherter Administration Building, Suite 260.  






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