Active Research Projects in Biotechnology

Development of Genotyping by Sequencing Assay to Study Chicken Fat Deposition 

Integrated Evaluation of Genetic Variations in Broiler Chickens 

Genetic Assessments of Cotton Chromosome Substitution Lines Identified for Nutritional Quality Seed Traits 

Bacterial Wilt of Cucurbits: Molecular Probe into the Genomes of Erwinia tracheiphila, the Wilting Pathogen of Melon,  Cucumber and Squash 

Germplasm Enhancement in Soybean Using Chemical Mutagenesis 

Antimicrobial resistance monitoring of zoonotic and indicator bacteria in Tennessee local foods and agricultural lands

Developing an immunochemical fingerprinting analysis for identification of Salmonella

Developing novel mitigation strategies for Aflatoxin detoxification in foods