Dr. Benny Washington, Jr.


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Department of Biological Sciences

College of Life & Physical Sciences


Contact Information:

Office Location: Harned Hall, Room 211  

Laboratory Room, 311
Telephone: 615-963-5778
Lab: 615-963-2169 
Email: bwashington@tnstate.edu

Research Areas:

The synergistic effect of ethanol and reactive oxygen species on insulin signaling in vascular smooth muscle cells


Most Significant Publications:

Washington, B., Butler, K., Doye, A., Hajjer, R., Gwathmey, J.K., Heart function challenged with fl-receptor agonism or antagonism in a heart failure model, 2001, Cardiovascular Drug and Therapy 15:481-488.

Washington, B., C. Mtshali, S.Williams, H. Smith, Shaw, B.J., Li, J., Gwathmey, J.,Ethanol-Induced Mitogen Activated Protein Kinase Activity mediated through Protein Kinase C, 2003, Cellular and Molecular Biology, 49(8), 1361-1366.

Washington, B., S. Williams, P. Armstrong, C. Mtshali, J. T. Robinson, and E. L. Myles, Cadmium Toxicity on Arterioles Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells of Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats, Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health, 2006, 3(4) 309.

A L Johnson , G D Goode , C Mtshali , E L Myles and B Washington, Protein Kinase C- α/ßII, δ, and ζ/λ involvement in ethanol-Induced MAPK expression in vascular smooth muscle cells , Cellmolbio., 2007, Vol 53(4).

J B Shaw , Q Cai , C Mtshali , E L Myles and B Washington, Heterogeneity of histamine H3 receptor genomic expression in the cerebral cortex of Spontaneously Hypertensive rat , Cellmolbio., 2007, Vol 53(4).

C Edwards , P Armstrong , G D Goode , C Mtshali , S Williams , E L Myles and B Washington, Cross-talking between calcium and histamine in the expression of MAPKs in hypertensive vascular smooth cells, CellMolbiol., 2007, Vol 53(4).



Mammalian Physiology

Physiology & Pathophysiology

General Physiology

Systemic Physiology

Experimental Physiology



B.S. (Biol.)-Tennessee State Univ.

M.S. (Biol.)-Tennessee State Univ.

Ph.D. (Biochem.)-Atlanta Univ.



Society for Neuroscience

Southeastern Pharmacology Society

Society for Cell Biology

American Clinical Society


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Faculty Senate (Parlimentarian)

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Date Joined Staff: 1993


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