Dr. Brenda S. McAdory

Associate Professor

mcadory    Department of Biological Sciences
    College of Life & Physical Sciences

    Contact Information:
    Office Location: 112B McCord Hall
    Telephone: 615-963-5756
    FAX: 615-963-7640
    Email: bmcadory@tnstate.edu
    Lab location: 113 Harned Hall
    Telephone: 615-963-5379



B.S.. University of Tennessee at Nashville, Nashville, TN
B.S.. University of Tennessee at Nashville
M.S.. Tennessee State University, Nashville, TN
Ph.D.. Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Nashville, TN

Research Area: Neurodevelopment, cell and neurobiology

Cao, Z., Wang, Y., McAdory, B.S., Kemp, M.D., Ivy, M.T., Newkirk, R.F., and Townsel., J.G. 2006. Identification and characterization of Syntaxin 1 antisense variants in Limulus polyphemus. Cell Mol Neurobiol., 26:53-66.

Chirwa, S., Aduonum, A., Pizarro, J., Reasor, J., Kawai, Y., Gonzalez, M., McAdory, B.S., Onaivi, E., Barea-Rodriquez, E.J. 2005. Dopaminergic DA1 signaling couples growth-associated protein-43 and long-term potentiation in guinea pig hippocampus. Brain Res Bull., 64:433-40.

Cao, Z., McAdory, B.S., Wang, Y., and Townsel, J.G. 2004. The chemorepellant semaphorin is expressed in the horseshoe crab, Limulus polyphemus. Cell Mol Bio. , 49:1261-267.

Wang, Y., Cao, Z., Xu, W., Kemp, M.D., McAdory, B.S., Newkirk, R.F., Ivy, M.T., Townsel, J.G. 2004. Cloning and partial characterization of four plasmalemmal-associated syntaxin isoforms in Limulus, Gene 326:189-99.

McAdory, B.S., Van Eldik, L.J., and Norden, J.J. 1998. S100B, a Neurotropic Protein that Modulates Neuronal Protein Phosphorylation, is Upregulated during Lesion-Induced Collateral Sprouting and Reactive Synaptogenesis. Br. Res. , 813:211-17.

Washington, B., Higgins, D.E., McAdory, B., and Newkirk, R.F., 1991. Serotonin-Immunoreactive Neurons and Endogenous Serotonin in the Opisthosomal Ventral Nerve Cord of the Horseshoe Crab, Limulus polyphemus. J. of Comp. Neurol . 347:312-20.






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