Dr. Carla Gardner-Jones

Assistant Professor

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Department of Biological Sciences

College of Life & Physical Sciences


Contact Information:

Office Location: 112J McCord Hall

Telephone: 615-963-1837

FAX: 615-963-7640

Email: cgardner@tnstate.edu


Research Areas:

Cardiovascular disease and insulin resistance


Most Significant Publications:

Exil, V.J., Gardner, C.D., Rottman, J.N., Sims, H. Bartelds, B., Khuchua, A., Sindhal, R., Ni., G., and Strauss, A.W. Abnormal mitochondrial bioenergetics and heart rate dysfunction in mice lacking very-long-chain acyl-coA dehydrogenase. Am J PHysiol Heart Circ Pysiol 290: H1289-1297, 2006.

Gardner, C.D., Eguchi, S., Reynolds, C.M., Eguchi, K., Frank, G.E., and Motley, E.D. Hydrogen peroxide inhibits insulin-induced Akt/protein kinase B activation in vascular smooth muscle cells. Exp Biol Med 228: 836-842, 2003.

Motley, E.D., Kabir, S.M., Eguchi, K., Hicks, A.L., Gardner, C.D., Reynolds, C.M., Grank, G.D. and Eguchi, S. Protein kinase C inhibits insulin-induced Akt activation in vascular smooth muscle cells. Cell Mol Biol 47: 1059-1062, 2001.




BIOL1010      Introduction to Biology I

BIOL1011      Introduction to Biology I lab

BIOL1020      Introduction to Biology II

BIOL1021      Introduction to Biology II lab

BIOL1121      General Biology I lab

BIOL1121      General Biology II lab

BIOL2210      Anatomy and Physiology I

BIOL2220      Anatomy and Physiology II



BIOL5070      Methods of Teaching Science



B.A. (Biology) – Fisk University

M.S. (Biology) – Tennessee State University

Ph.D. (Physiology) – Meharry Medical College

Post-Doc - (Pediatric Cardiology)-Vanderbilt University Medical Center


Date joined staff: 2004


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