Senior Projects

Students in bioinformatics concentration are required to complete their senior projects in the area of bioinformatics.
The following is a list of selected senior projects: 
 Topic    Student   Advisor  
Solving Loop Closure Problem Num Hassan, Michael R. Shaquille
K. Al Nasr            view detail
Finding Signals from Candidates of Interaction Sites For Photosystem I Reduction Shondalyn Smith, Stevyn Sawyer. 2012-2013 W. Chen view detail
Inferring Gene Functionality with Spectral Clustering Juacall Bernard 
2012 - 2013
H. Miao view detail
Detection of Interaction Sites of Proteins  Pankaj Mishra, Anthony Burkeen. 
2011 – 2012
W. Chen view detail
Sequence Alignment & Analysis with Parallel Approach  Linda Emujakporue, Ross Beckley. 2011-2012 H. Miao 
W. Chen
view detail
Dynamic Programming in Bioinformatics Sequence Alignment   Johnel D. Anderson 
H. Miao view detail


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