Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)


Earn College Credit for What You Know
Tennessee State University (TSU) serves a diverse community of learners, many of whom bring a wealth of previous learning through life experiences including work, training, and independent study to their studies. In recognition of Prior Learning, TSU offers the possibility of formally granting credit for prior learning from life experiences. Credit granted for demonstrated prior learning may be applied toward the fulfillment of selected TSU degree programs.

Credit by Exam
Students who have mastered knowledge and skills covered in a college level course may earn degree credit for that course through taking either standard or local examinations. Standard examinations offered are CLEP (College Level Examination Program and DANTES (Defense Activities for Non-Traditional Education Support). Local examinations are generated by faculty in the department which offers the course.

Local examinations are not generated where a department has adopted use of either CLEP or DANTES. A listing of adopted standard examinations and the equivalent TSU courses follows this narrative. Standard examinations are graded by the agency which supplies the test. Local examinations are graded by TSU faculty.

Each department determines for which of its courses credit by examination is appropriate. Each department also determines if it will accept credit by examination for its majors. Because of content, performance or other requirements, not all courses readily lend themselves to the credit by examination process. A student who wishes to earn credit by examination begins the process through discussion with his/her department head. The department head will provide written instructions on the credit by examination process for both standard and locally generated examinations.

Portfolio Assessment
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