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Center for Extended Education and Public Service
Dr. Evelyn E. Nettles - Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs (AWC) 963-7004 Email
Rhonda Jones - Office Manager 963-7002 Email

Distance Education and Multimedia Services
Cheryl Seay - Director of Distance Education and Multimedia Services 963-7360 Email
Carl Hunter - Training Coordinator 963-7368 Email
Bryan Thorpe - Student Support Counselor, ROCC Contact 963-7214 Email
Sarah Riebau - Coordinator, ROCC Graduate Programs 416-0998 Email
Mario Owens - Instructional Designer 963-7013 Email
Gary Grace - Multimedia Design / Training Technician 963-7284 Email
Brook Sutton - DE System Administrator   Email

Continuing Education
Christina Perkins - Training Coordinator for Continuing Education       963-7372 Email

Student Support Services for Adult and Distance Learners
Adrian Miller - Coordinator 963-7272 Email
Daciena Perry - Coordinator 963-7376 Email

Support Staff
Harold Webb - Building Activities Attendant                                       600-7071  
Lethia Owens - Front Desk (Suite M200) 963-7001 Email
Security Desk 963-5171  



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