Articulation Agreements

What is an Articulation Agreement?
An Articulation Agreement promotes the orderly progress of students who transfer to a baccalaurete degree program after earning an associates degree from a community college. This agreement is most commonly arranged, between two or more institutions that specify which courses may be transferred to meet the general education core, major and elective requirements. Further, it outlines what courses a student will need to complete upon transferring to Tennessee State University.

What is a "Two-plus-Two" Articulation Agreement Plan?
A "two + two" articulation agreement plan specifies programs of study for students who plan to take the first two years of course work at a community college and the last two years of course work at a baccalaureate institution. Students who follow the advising guides established in the articulation agreements are given academic credit for all of their college studies.

Transfer Articulation Agreements
Tennessee State University (TSU) has established transfer articulation agreements with several area community colleges, leading to admission of a student to the university at a junior level standing. The purpose of the agreement is to provide an outline of the course work necessary to progress from the community college to the baccalaureate degree programs at TSU. These agreements will lead to an associate degree at the specified community colleges and a bachelors degree from TSU, providing the student successfully completes all requirements for a particular program; and providing the student meets and maintains the grade point average for that program.
Participation Requirements Completion of the associate degree programs specified herein with a average or better is a prerequisite to admission to Tennessee State University (TSU) bachelors degree programs under the cooperative agreement. Students must complete:
  1. the associate degree program with a grade point average greater than 2.0 to be eligible for admission under this agreement;
  2. an application for admission and must have the official transcripts of all college credits earned at other institutions submitted to TSU;
  3. all general requirements for the bachelor's degree as stated in the TSU Undergraduate Catalog including: (1) complete a minimum of 120 semester hours as outlined in this agreement, (2) attain a 2.0 or better on all course work attempted at TSU in order to receive a bachelors degree.

This page contains the articulation agreements for the various disciplines which are available at our sattelite institutions. Each link will open a Word document with detailed information on course requirements and conditions for recieving the degree.

A.S. in Early Childhood Education
A.A.S in Early Childhood Education
A.S. in Early Childhood Education w/ teacher certification
A.A.S. in Early Childhood Education w/ teacher certification
A.A.S in Police Science
A.A.S in Visual Communications
A.S. in Elementary Education
A.S. in Health Care Management



A.S. General Transfer leads to B.A. in Child Development
A.S. General Transfer leads to B.S. in Heath Sciences
A.S. General Transfer leads to B.S. in Physical Sciences
A.S. General Transfer leads to B.S. w/ Public Health concentration
A.S. General Transfer leads to B.S. w/ Theraputic Studies concentration
A.A.S. in Early Childhood Education w/ Teacher Certification



A.S. in Business and Commerce leads to B.B.A

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