Dipstick Assay

Utilizing Dipstick Assay to Detect Human Pathogens on Strawberries.

While we are enjoying fresh strawberries, we should always pay attention to food safety issue, such as food-borne pathogens. Dr. Fur-Chi Chen, an expert in food safety, is demonstrating the dipstick assay, which is simple and rapid, to detect human pathogens, such as Salmonella, Listeria, and E.coli, on strawberries. Please watch the video: Demonstration of Dipstick Assay.

Figure 1. Dipsticks used for human pathogens detection.

Dipstick Assay
Figure 2. Dipstick assay.

Dipstick Assay - 2
Figure 3. Dipstick assay.

Positive vs. Negative
Figure 4. Two red lines indicate the result is positive, and the sample has Salmonella; one line means negative, and sample does not have Salmonella.

Figure 5. Two red lines showing up means the detection results is positive, and the sample has Salmonella.

Figure 6. Salmonella.

E.coli (0157:H7)
Figure 7. E.coli (0157:H7).

Figure 8. Listeria.

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