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Announcing the
41st Annual University-Wide Research Symposium, 2019

April 1, 2018 - April 5, 2018

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The Annual University-Wide Research Symposium at Tennessee State University (TSU) is a platform for students and faculty to present findings from ongoing and developed research. Furthermore, it is a university forum to recognize and  commemorate research excellence. The symposium allows students to gain exposure and experience as either oral or poster presenters in an evaluative setting. The symposium serves as a foundation to provide students with authentic experiences in presenting their research before advancing to regional, national, and international research symposia and prior to professional careers.

For this juried competition TSU students of ALL majors are encouraged to submit abstracts by  February 28, 2019. (THIS WILL BE A FIRM DEADLINE. PLEASE DO NOT CALL US ON MARCH 1ST.)  Guest speakers and judges will include national research agency personnel, military research personnel, academicians, business leaders and local artists. Your research is the best resume. Consider this your invitation to participate and to show the world what TSU students are capable of when given a challenge. Click below to find additional information or to  submit an abstract of your project. 

You may ask yourself, "Why should I participate in this?" Your resume/cv says that you attended college, paid attention and tested well. You may have even had leadership experience or been popular. Having presented research shows a depth of knowledge, shows graduate schools that you are research-ready and wouldn't necessarily require as much training as others and could possibly be plugged into funded research with more ease. No matter what field you're studying research helps to convey your brilliance to the next level in a more powerful way than just having a great GPA. I'm not knocking great GPAs. We love 'em! Just making a case for you to add research to your portfolio of achievements. So let's get those abstracts in! We're eager to see what this 41st Symposium class produces! ~ John Barfield, TSU Research Symposium Co-Chair

To Submit a Student Abstract:  Research Advisors are required to submit abstracts for student researchers (undergraduate and graduate). Student Researchers wishing to enter the Symposium are to contact their Research Advisor in order to have an abstract submitted using the online  Abstract Submission Form for Students

To Submit a Faculty/Post-Doctoral Abstract:  Faculty and Post-Docs are invited to submit faculty abstracts using the online Abstract Submission Form for Faculty .

For instructions to submit abstracts and the online Abstract Submission Form: 

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