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The Support of Competitive Research program, also known as  SCORE, is a developmental program that seeks to increase the research competitiveness of investigators at minority-serving institutions and to increase the research capabilities of these institutions.  To achieve these objectives, the SCORE program of today (the "New" SCORE) has separate funding opportunities for individual investigators.  These opportunities include the SC1, SC2, and SC3 funding mechanisms which were initiated for investigator-initiated projects. 

The SC1 mechanism is a research advancement award for investigators who aim to transition to non-SCORE support such as the NIH Research Project Grant Program (R01).  The SC2 mechanism is a pilot project award for new investigators or investigators at the beginning stages of a research career and the SC3 mechanism is a research continuance award for investigators who have been engaged in scholarly research and seek to continue to engage in research of limited scope. The tri-purpose goal of the current TSU SCORE program is to increase:

          1.  The number of faculty-funded biomedical research projects
          2.  The research competitiveness of biomedical research faculty, and
          3.  The number of faculty and student peer-reviewed publications in the biomedical sciences.

If you have an interest in learning more about the SCORE program, contact Dr. Terrance Johnson via e-mail at

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