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Bachelor of Science (BS) in Interdisciplinary Studies

The Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies, while not limited to this population, has been designed especially for adults who have earned an associate degree, or have completed some college work beyond high school. The program has been designed to be flexible and to allow the creation of individualized majors centered on a number of cognate or concentration options.

Program Requirements (minimum of 120 credit hours)
General Education (60 hours)
A student must meet the General Education Requirements of Tennessee State University. It is critical to speak with your TSU Student Support Services Counselor prior to enrollment regarding the General Education Requirements and transferability.
  • Complete all of your general education courses through Tennessee State, OR
  • Speak with the TSU Student Support Services Counselor to determine which prior college credits fulfill the university general education requirements.
Concentration Areas (24 hours)

The major must include two upper division concentration areas (12 hours per area). No course may be used for more than one concentration.

Examples of Concentrations:
Psychology (12hrs)
Physiological Psychology
Abnormal Psychology

Learning and Memory

Social Psychology
Cultural Diversity (12 hrs)
Cultural Diversity

Latin America: The Countries and the Peoples

Mass Media and Cultures

Multicultural Education

Other concentrations could be:
  • English
  • Communication
  • Multicultural Studies
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Information Technology
  • Organizational Leadership
  • International Studies
  • Public Relations
  • Check with the TSU Counselor for other possible concentrations.
Culminating Special Project (3 hours)
  • Senior status required
Culminating Special Project must be approved by TSU Counselor.

Electives (33 hours)
  • Related Elective Courses (33 hours)
    An additional thirty-three semester hours (or 27 hours electives plus 6 hour internship noted below) may be drawn from the noted concentration areas or selected from other areas to complement the degree program.
  • Internship (3 - 6) (optional as an elective / junior status) Internship must be approved by TSU Counselor.
Graduation Requirements include the following:
  • At least 120 semester hours total.
  • At least 30 semester hours must be awarded by Tennessee State University.
  • At least 45 semester hours at the 3000-4000 level.
  • No more than 24 semester hours in business courses.
Please check with your TSU Student Support Services Counselor, Mr. Bryan Thorpe, 615-963-7214 for advisement regarding your degree plan.

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