Legal Services

Copola There are many areas in which General Counsel provide services including, but not limited to:

  • Contract review;
  • Training;
  • Legal Opinions;
  • Advising;
  • Representation in agency and regulatory matters
  • Litigation defense; and
  • Legal risk assessment

The General Counsel's Office also works with employees in responding to subpoenas and/or Open Records Act request. The General Counsel provides a broad range of services, so do not hesitate to contact the office if legal advice is needed in your capacity as an employee concerning any matter within the scope of your University employment.

The General Counsel cannot provide legal advice to students, to members of the general public, or any person, including employees, who have legal problems that are personal in nature. In addition, the General Counsel cannot provide assistance to anyone whose interests are adverse to or conflict with the University. 

General Counsel does not accept service on behalf of students or provide information about individual student's class schedules to members of the public. General Counsel also does not accept service on behalf of University employees unless it is in a case in which General Counsel Laurence Pendleton has filed a notice of appearance or a responsive pleading.

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