Moath Obeidat

Ph.D. Graduate Research Assistant

Tennessee State University
Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Center of Excellence for Battlefield Sensor Fusion
Tel: 615-669-7170



  • Ph.D Computer Information Systems Engineering, Tennessee State University, Nashville, TN, USA (Present).
  • Master’s of Software Engineering, University of Malaya, Malaysia (August 2010).
  • Bachelor of Computer Information Systems, Al Albayt University, Jordan (January 2007)

Project Scope:

A Virtual Environment (VE) is a synthetically generated 3D graphical model representing the physical environment with different degree of precision and accuracy. VE provides a realistic perceptual model of the physical world. In such virtual simulation environment, many activities, actions, and events can be orchestrated to represent a complex natural scenario consisting of multiple agents, vehicles, sensors, robots, and entities with different order of functional characteristics and behaviors. A properly constructed VE facilitated deployment and virtual simulation of Multi-Layered Sensing environment for variety of surveillance, reconnaissance, and entity tracking applications. The applications of such technology are both relevant to Homeland security as well as to civilian and military applications. Using simulation, methodologies for multi-modality sensors data/information can be developed, tested, and validated under different operational conditions and under different scenario contexts. Obtaining such information in timely fashion facilitates achievement of situational awareness while allowing for sound actionable decision making. Particularly, in such virtual simulation environment, the aspect of Layered Sensing can be readily realized and tailored properly to exploit different algorithms and techniques for multi-modality sensor fusion that results robust situational awareness.

Research Applications:

Battlefield Intelligence, Homeland Security applications, Border Monitoring and many other civilian applications.


Obeidat M. Z. A., Salim S. S., "Integrating user interface design guidelines with adaptation techniques to solve usability problems." In Advanced Computer Theory and Engineering (ICACTE), 2010 3rd International Conference on, vol. 1, pp. V1-280. IEEE, 2010.

Research Advisor:
Dr. Amir Shirkhodaie
Director, Center of Excellence for Battlefield Sensor Fusion
Tennessee State University
Dept. of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
3500 John A. Merritt Blvd., Nashville, TN 37209
Tel: 615-963-5396

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