STEM Rising Freshmen

For Those with a Strong Capability in Science and MathematicSTEMs

Tennessee State University, with support from the National Science Foundation (Grant #HRD-0715004), offers the STEM Summer Institute as part of the HBCU-UP program.

Twenty-four(24) rising freshman students who plan to pursue a college degree in one of the four STEM disciplines of:

  • science,
  • technology,
  • engineering,
  • mathematics

and who demonstrate strong capability in science and mathematics will be eligible for consideration to participate in the Summer Institute.

The Institute is a five-week summer program where students take classes in:

  • chemistry,
  • physics,
  • mathematics, and
  • computer science. 

Students have an opportunity to participate in:

  • joint research projects,
  • learn from guest speakers, and
  • visit local business and industries that employ STEM graduates.

In order to qualify for a stipend, participants must be at least conditionally admitted to the University for the Fall semester following the STEM Summer Institute.


1. The program will allow students to:  

  • Develop skills to work effectively with peers and develop and maintain collegial relationships.
  • Develop an effective relationship with peer mentors to provide support throughout the freshman and sophomore years.
  • Develop working academic relationships with faculty members teaching core science and mathematics courses in the freshman and sophomore years.   

2. During the summer, on-campus housing, meals, and a stipend will be provided for participants (valued over $1000).

3. Students who remain committed to the program may be eligible to receive a stipend to assist with tuition, books, and other expenses during their Freshman year.



Important:  Each student must be at least conditionally admitted to the University for the Fall semester following the STEM Summer Institute.

Include in your application packet:

1. An Application form for the STEM Summer Institute. To request a form, call or email Denise (Dee) Green, at (615)-277-1663 or

2. An official transcript.  (This transcript is in addition to the one sent to TSU admission office for admission to the University).

3. Three (3) letters of recommendation from high school teachers. At least two letters must be from science (including computer science) or mathematics teachers.  Recommender’s letters should include information about student’s character, class work, ability to work with others, and potential success as a STEM discipline major.

4. A one-page essay stating educational and career goals.

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