The DREAM BLDRS Program is a first-year initiative that provides leadership development to 100 first-time Freshmen!  


The Office of First-Year Students are excited to have such an amazing opportunity to work with 100 first time Freshmen this Fall in an amazing 9 week series designed by our very own Tennessee State Alumni, Patrick Walker-Reese. The DREAM BLDRS series will inspire students to Aspire Higher by providing participants with the opportunity to focus on their Vision, Passion, Strengths, Connection, Navigation and Imagination! DREAM BLDRS is a curriculum based program that will also promote leadership development, personal and professional development, academic excellence and social acclimation.



Friday, December 1, 2017 - Closing Ceremony

For more information, contact:
Patrick Walker-Reese email
firstyear@tnstate.edu email
615-963-1890 office



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