HIST 2010

American History I

Semester/Year: Fall 2008


Office Location: Crouch (GRD) Hall, 220

Semester Hours of Credit: 3


Office Phone: 963-7457

Instructor: Dr. Theron Corse


Alternate Phone: 963-5471

Class Meeting Location: Crouch (GRD) 219


E-Mail: tcorse@tnstate.edu

Day and Time:
TR: 2:40-4:05


Office Hours:

TR 9:00-9:40
TR 2:00-2:40
MW 1:00-3:00
W 9:00-12:00

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HIST 2010 is a study of the development of cultural, economic, and political institutions in America from pre-Columbian times to 1877.Course Rationale: HIST 2010 is part of the General Education Core. The History component of the Core consists of six semester hours and is normally completed by taking HIST 2010 and HIST 2020. These courses provide an overview of American history and promote the development of a historical perspective. Although HIST 2010 and HIST 2020 may provide a foundation for further studies in history, they are primarily designed to build on and connect with other General Education courses.


HIST 2010 is a sophomore-level course and should normally be taken during the first semester of a student's second year. Students attempting the course must have completed all remedial and developmental requirements in reading and writing. The course is open to undergraduate students in all major programs. No prior courses in history are required.


The goal of HIST 2010, as indicated above, is to produce students who are informed about the essential events of their past and equipped with some of the basic analytical skills and methods applied by historians. The course is intended not only to present "history" as a body of knowledge but also to provide students with basic tools for assessing the historical claims of others and formulating arguments of their own.









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