Income Risk, Financial Constraints, and Diversification Strategies for Small Farm Households. USDA/NIFA

An Economic Analysis of Food Environment and Demand for Fruits and Vegetables in A Food Desert Cluster in Tennessee--⎯Implications for Ameliorating Obesity and Promoting Healthy Diet. USDA/NIFA (involved in implementing different objectives of the project)

Assessing the Impact of Weather Risk on Land Use Intensity: A Non-Stationary and Dynamic Panel Modeling Approach.(Collaborator: Ashok Mishra, Arizona State University; Madhu Bhattarai, International Food Policy Research Institute)

Farm Aerial View Effect of Health Insurance Coverage and Labor Allocation: The Case of Beginning Farmers in the U.S. (in collaboration with Ashok Mishra, Arizona State University).

Financial Constraints and Production Efficiency: A Case from Rice Growers in Drought Prone Areas (with Madhav Regmi, Kansas State University and Krishna Koirala, Comerica Inc.)

Enhancing food security: food crop portfolio choice in response to climatic risk (Collaborator: Ashok Mishra, Arizona State University)

Are All Farms Better-off Growing Organic? A Unconditional Quantile Regression Approach (with Ashok Mishra, Arizona State University)

Assessing Food Security in Rural Bangladesh: A Role of Non-farm Economy (with Ashok Mishra, Arizona State UNiversity)

Recent Honors and Awards

AAEA Foundation Young Professional and Graduate Student Travel Grant, 2013. 
Outstanding PhD Student Award, Department of Agricultural Economics, LSU, 2014.
Gamma Sigma Delta Graduate Student Merit Honor Roll Award from Gamma Sigma Delta Honor Society LSU Chapter, April 2014.
Graduate Student Travel Grant from Graduate school of Louisiana State University