Frequently Asked Questions

student on campus

1. What games are being played in Hale Stadium?  There will be three games played in Hale Stadium, they are: Sept. 15th vs Austin Peay, Oct. 6th vs  Eastern Kentucky, and Oct. 27th vs Tennessess Tech.

2.  Will there be available seating for her mobile chair?  Yes.  There will be seating for a mobile chair along the east grand stands (Lawson Hall side of the stadium).  This seating area will be a grade level accessible from the road that run along the east side of the stadium.  By notifying the Athletic Director’s office in advance, the AD will grant permission to drive up and pick up at the entrance gate on that side of the stadium.

3.  Where will she be located so that she can see the game and not a on flat surface where people stand around?  The handicap accessible area along the east grand stand affords unobstructed sight lines to the playing area.

4.  Where will she enter the stadium? There will be a handicap accessible entry gate on the east side of the stadium at grade level. 

5.  Will there be handicap accessible Family Bathrooms in stadium to allow my father go in with her because she can not walk. There will not be a family restroom in the stadium.  We can provide access to Lawson Hall’s restrooms.  Lawson Hall is just outside the handicap accessible gate on the other side of the road that runs between Lawson Hall and the stadium.  The Lawson Hall restrooms will afford a high degree of privacy.

6.  Do you have adequate handicap parking for the size of the crowd you are expecting?  Adequate handicap accessible parking is available around the stadium, as well as, around the campus.

I must emphasize the importance of arriving early to the stadium to take advantage of the handicap accessibility provisions.  Late arrivers may find the most advantageous accessible viewing locations already taken.  Thank you for your questions.  We will get these responses distributed as soon as possible.

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