Tennessee State University
Division B (Middle School) Events

2013 Events List:

Anatomy - This event encompasses the anatomy (structure and function) of the digestive and nervous systems.

Boomilever - The objective of this event is to design and build the most efficient Boomilever meeting the requirements specified in the rules. A Boomilever is a cantilevered wood and glue structure, mounted to a vertical Testing Wall, carrying a load at a distance from the Wall. The Boomilever that bears the greatest weight wins.

Experimental design - This event will determine a team's ability to design, conduct, and report the findings of an experiment actually conducted on site.

Helicopters - Teams construct and test free flight rubber-powered helicopters prior to the tournament to achieve maximum flight times.

Keep the heat - Teams must construct an insulated device prior to the tournament that is designed to retain heat. Students must also complete a written test on thermodynamic concepts.

Metric mastery - Students will estimate and then measure identical objects in metric units. The properties to be measured may include mass, volume, density, area, force, distance, time, and temperature.

Mission possible - Prior to the competition, teams must design, build, test, and document a "Rube Goldberg® like Device" that completes a required Final Task using a sequence of consecutive tasks.

Mousetrap vehicle - Teams design, build, and test one vehicle using one or two mousetraps as its sole means of propulsion to travel a distance as quickly and accurately as possible from a Start Point to a Target Point.

Reach for the stars - Students will demonstrate an understanding and knowledge of the properties and evolution of stars and their observation with different portions of the electromagnetic spectrum: Radio, Infrared, Visible, Ultraviolet, X-Ray and Gamma Ray.

Road scholar - Participants will respond to interpretive questions that may use one or more state highway maps, USGS topographic maps, Internet-generated maps, a road atlas or satellite/aerial images.

Rotor egg drop - A team will construct an unpowered, autorotation helicopter device, which uses one or more helicopter rotor(s) to safely transport a raw chicken egg from a specified height to the floor.

Sounds of music - Prior to the competition each team must build two instruments, of any kind, based on a 12 tone tempered scale, prepare to describe the principles behind their operation and be able to perform a major scale, a required melody and a chosen melody with each.

Shock value - Students will compete in activities involving basic understanding of electricity, magnetism and simple electrical devices.

Water quality - The event will focus on evaluating aquatic environments.

Write it/Do it - One student will write a description of an object and how to build it, and then the other student will attempt to construct the object from this description.

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