MCFSMulticultural Friendship Society

Promoting the Interests and Welfare of International Students

Welcome to the Multicultural Friendship Society (MCFS)!  Our society was formed in the year 2000 and exists solely to:

  • promote the interests and welfare of international students
  • to provide a venue for international education, and
  • to build a social community in which all students and faculty/staff can flourish.

This membership promotes unity, strength, and peace.

What is MCFS?

Purpose & FAQs

Kurdish Dance!The objectives of the Multicultural Friendship Society are to:

  • Promote the appreciation of cultural diversity
  • Work with other like-minded organizations inside and outside of Tennessee State University
  • Encourage practical work experience within the United States and abroad with international firms and agencies
  • Boost interaction between students, faculty, and staff at Tennessee State University
  • Help international students adjust academically and socially to their new environment
  • Provide a venue for international education
  • Build a social community in which all students and faculty/staff can "bridge the cultural divide"
  • Host an annual multicultural student celebration on campus


What is the MultiCultural Friendship Society?
The Multicultural Friendship Society (MCFS), formed in 2000, is a student organization dedicated to bridging the cultural divide between U.S. and international students. OIBP sponsored the creation of this student organization. Each spring, TSU students have organized a Multicultural Spring Celebration on the main campus attended by 300 to 400 people.

How do I join?
Please check back after the first few weeks of Fall semester for updates. Also, feel free to e-mail with any questions.

How frequently are meetings held?
Once every month

Where are the meetings held?
Typically, members meet in Conference Room 106 - Crouch Hall

Who should I contact with questions?
You may contact Mr. Mark Gunter or Mr. Brinkley, Offices are located in Room 106 - Crouch Hall


The MultiCultural Friendship Society (MCFS) grew out of a series of meetings of students and faculty members interested in promoting better cultural awareness between American and international students as well as providing a forum for the exchanges of ideas. During the fall 2000 semester a small group of students began meeting with Susan Crossley, Assistant Director, and Galen Hull, Director of OIBP. Among those attending the meetings was Zachariah Gaye, a graduate student in the College of Education's Department of Teaching and Learning.

Initial participants in the new organization consisted of both undergraduate and graduate students and faculty and staff from around the U.S. as well as the following countries: France, Indonesia, Bahamas, Ghana, Malawi, Tunisia, China, Wales, Morocco, Jamaica, Laos, Kenya, Nepal, Kuwait, Thailand, Pakistan, Nigeria, Vietnam, Liberia, Uganda, Afghanistan. To avoid possible confusion with previously existing organizations, the name was eventually changed to MultiCultural Friendship Society (MCFS), with the motto "Bridging the Cultural Divide". Membership has consistently been an even mix of international and American students, dedicated to bridging the cultural divide.


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