Optimizing PDFs for Search Engines

Making Your Webpage More Findable

1. Use PDF text files

Search engines are able to recognize the text. With the pictures it will be less obvious. So make sure that your PDF file contains plain text, not words in the form of pictures. If the document you want to convert to the target page of the site is scanned use special tools to convert a document to text.

2. Prescribe title

Search engines pay attention to the ‘title’ tag. You can prescribe it in the document properties. Also in the properties you can assign keywords andinformation about the author. Experts have not yet agreed whether the last of these properties influence on the rankings, but, at least, there will be no negative impact.

3. Set the SEO-friendly URL / file name

Typically the name of the PDF file becomes a part of the URL, so give the document a simple name, which would contain the keywords.

4. Use standard SEO methods

Do not forget about standard SEO methods. Place the internal links to PDF pages to give them credibility. Place links from your PDF page to other relevant pages. Do not forget about keywords, images optimization, and content of high quality.

5. Cut down the size of the file

The large size of the file will load slower, impacting negatively on the users behavior and ranking. Use special features that will reduce the size of PDF.

6. Avoid duplicating content

Availability of HTML and PDF versions of the same content can be useful sometimes, but only if you take action to prevent problems with duplicate content. Remember that you may receive a duplicate, if you re-download PDF, changing the file name and URL.